US Bankruptcy Lawyers Offer Financial Help To Small Businesses Post-Pandemic

Apr 23, 2021

If you are in financial trouble due to the pandemic, New York-based Jafri Law Firm has opened a full-time bankruptcy division to help you restructure and reduce your debt.

Are you overwhelmed by debt? Are creditors or landlords knocking down your door, demanding payment? If they are, then Jafri Law Firm is here to help in these distressing times. Even if your money problems seem insurmountable, their expert team know that there are always options. 

Jafri Law Firm, a full service legal center based in Armonk, New York, has expanded their bankruptcy department and are now offering 24/7 assistance to individuals and businesses throughout the US. 

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The expansion coincides with the latest statistics on bankruptcy across the US, which showcased that as a consequence of the global pandemic, throughout 2020 bankruptcy rates were 15-50% higher by month than in 2019.  

Moreover, according to Brookings institute, small business revenue fell on average by 20% throughout 2020, with a harrowing drop of 47.5% in the leisure and hospitality sector.  

As such, Jafri Law Firm wants to help in these troubling and difficult economic times by concentrating their practice on exclusively assisting Americans face and conquer their debts.  

In particular, Jafri Law Firm can assist businesses, independent contractors and sole proprietors who need to file for bankruptcy protection or liquidation. 

They work across all major bankruptcy chapters, including Chapter 7 for business owners who are seeking to liquidate and shut down their businesses and Chapter 11 for business owners who are hoping to restructure and reduce their debt whilst remaining operational.

In addition, they can also assist clients who are seeking protection under Chapter 13, which is for sole proprietors who need to reorganize both business and personal debt.

Jafri Law Firm understands that bankruptcy can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming situations a person or business will ever face which is why they have also expanded their hours of operation and are available to help you late at night, early in the morning and on weekends. 

Jafri Law Firm has over a decade of experience in managing bankruptcy filings and are a national firm, working in all US jurisdictions. They pride themselves on their high level of customer care, quick response times and patient guidance. 

A spokesperson for the firm said, “At Jafri Law Firm we know bankruptcy law inside and out and can take the time to walk you through the process, step by step. When you hire a bankruptcy lawyer from Jafri Law Firm, you get an attorney who is directly involved in your case from start to finish. You can expect availability, sensitivity, receptive listening, and straightforward counsel.”

Don’t let your debt spiral any further. Instead, speak to the caring and supportive bankruptcy experts at Jafri Law Firm today and start getting your business, finances and life back on track.

If you want to learn more about how the team at Jafri can help protect you from some of the worst consequences of debt visit

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