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Nov 16, 2023

Fatigue among drivers has the potential to result in tragic outcomes. If you’ve suffered injuries due to someone who was drowsy behind the wheel, Reyna Law Firm Lubbock is prepared to advocate for justice. Dial (806) 607-8570 without delay.

Reyna Law Firm in Lubbock remains acutely aware of the hazards posed by tired drivers navigating the bustling roadways of the Lubbock area. Their recently unveiled legal representation offerings are meticulously tailored to support victims of accidents caused by fatigued motorists.

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Reyna Law Firm highlights the concerning surge of driver weariness in the Lubbock and central Texas region. The area's prominence as a vital hub for freight and logistics results in a continuous flow of traffic. Fatigued truck and commercial drivers, while operating hefty vehicles, imperil their well-being and that of others, which is why the firm endeavors to establish accountability through its most recent legal services.

Injury claims stemming from accidents caused by drowsy drivers can be addressed from various angles, according to Reyna Law Firm. Individuals harmed by drowsy truckers may contemplate legal action against these negligent drivers, a facet the firm meticulously investigates through its updated service offerings.

Conversely, trucking companies can be held accountable for imposing extended working hours that lead to accidents prompted by driver exhaustion. Subsequent to this announcement, Reyna Law Firm also represents accident victims who are pursuing injury claims against said companies.

The upgraded services provided by the firm encompass thorough evidence collection as their legal representatives diligently work to establish liability in cases involving commercial drivers or their employers. The objective of these investigations is to determine whether companies fostered strenuous work environments conducive to fatigue, resulting in compromised reaction times and cognitive functions.

Regardless of where liability ultimately rests, Reyna Law Firm in Lubbock is steadfast in its commitment to aiding prospective clients in their recovery from injuries. Compensation secured through legal action can aid victims in covering medical expenses or physical therapy, as well as compensating for potential income lost due to their condition, a point emphasized by the firm.

These settlements can be acquired through both personal negotiations and insurer-mediated discussions or awarded in a court of law, in accordance with Texas's at-fault regulations. Parties deemed fully responsible for accidents are obliged to provide compensation to those injured as a consequence. Thus, Reyna Law Firm in Lubbock extends its services to include negotiations, with the aim of securing appropriate financial restitution for the injured.

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