Hallam Victoria Criminal Law Firm Expands Motor Traffic And Drunk Driving Law Services

Apr 14, 2024

Melbourne motor traffic & criminal law firm Jay & Co Barristers and Solicitors expanded its motor traffic law practice to include cases involving drunk driving and drug driving. The firm’s team of legal experts is available around clock for emergency legal advice in these cases.

Melbourne motor traffic & criminal law firm Jay & Co Barristers and Solicitors announced the expansion of its legal practice in the area of drunk driving law. The firm provides legal advice and representation for cases involving alcohol and drug intoxication motor traffic law.

More information about Jay & Co Barristers and Solicitors is available at http://www.jayandco.com.au

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria reports that in 2016, of 142 traffic fatalities, 34 victims registered illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. Sustained awareness and education campaigns have resulted in increased testing and compliance, with a proportion of cases referred to local courts. Jay & Co Barristers and Solicitors supports individuals who have been accused of drunk driving or under the influence of drugs with legal advice, pre-trial preparation, and representation in court.

Available to clients 24/7, the firm's legal team works toward ensuring that the pre-trial rights of the accused are protected and that a legal representation is made available on request. The firm also provides advice in the areas of non-bailable criminal incidents, intervention orders, and several classes of motor vehicle assistance including bail application, driving offences, and motor vehicle infringements.

Jay & Co Barristers and Solicitors' expanded practice offers a nuanced coverage of driving offences including unlicensed driving, improper use of a motor vehicle, disqualified driving, and reckless driving. The firm also handles cases involving license restoration, revocation applications, forfeiture, impounding, and immobilisation.

According to a spokesperson for the Hallam, Victoria criminal law firm, "Upholding and protecting the rights of our clients during and after a drunk driving charge is our top priority. We leverage more than half a century of collective legal expertise to come to a client's aid in their time of need."

Headquartered in the Melbourne suburb of Hallam, the law offices of Jay & Co Barristers and Solicitors are a trusted criminal and civil law practice in the city. The firm is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria, the state's governing legal body. Headed by Principal and tenured criminal lawyer Esan Pillai, the firm is part of a network of law firms across the state. More information is available over the phone at 0403-297-655 and at the URL above.

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