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Jan 22, 2024

Has the malfunctioning equipment caused a calamity at a Lubbock oilfield? Seek recourse for injuries unjustly incurred by reaching out to Reyna Law Firm. Dial (806) 607-8570 now to explore your options for compensation.

The extraction of oil is notorious for its lack of safety, and numerous risks at oil sites are avoidable. Workers let down by inadequate safety measures and faulty equipment can seek assistance from Reyna Law Firm.

Reyna Law Firm aims to shed light on the common injuries occurring at oilfields in and around Lubbock, where many such sites are situated. The attorneys highlight defective equipment and subpar safety standards as primary causes of accidents in the oil and gas industry. Need to file a damage claim? The firm is prepared to help.

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In particular, Reyna Law Firm's services encompass workplace incidents involving gas leaks, blowouts, explosions, and other occurrences resulting from defects and improper safety procedures. The injury lawyers will evaluate the circumstances of disasters to determine potential liability from a third party, company, or insurer.

When oil companies provide workers with flawed equipment, the risk of severe workplace accidents increases, according to the firm. Reyna Law Firm keeps individuals apprised of their rights and eligibility for much-needed compensation. Seek assistance from the Lubbock office.

Corroded pipes, damaged cables, and worn metal are examples of reported defects at oil sites, posing potential harm to workers and the community. Reyna Law Firm draws on experience with victims of head injuries, falls, and limb loss. Confronting hefty medical bills? The firm aims for prompt reimbursement.

Reyna Law Firm's options also include case evaluations at its Lubbock offices, where injury attorneys provide professional guidance to individuals and their families. Initial consultations help assess the potential value of damage claims based on injuries, future medical costs, lost wages, and other factors.

The Lubbock lawyers stress that insufficient site maintenance and infrequent safety inspections are serious errors for which companies may be held accountable. Investigations are a crucial part of Reyna Law Firm's services, involving the systematic gathering of evidence to support testimonies.

Once liability is demonstrably established, Reyna Law Firm's services extend to full settlement recovery. The Lubbock team is ready to initiate and manage discussions with insurance companies to negotiate equitable agreements for the funds individuals urgently require.

Reyna Law Firm prioritizes cases and recoveries. Whether individuals are in Lubbock or elsewhere in West Texas, find additional details about Reyna Law Firm and its legal assistance options for oilfield injury cases at


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