Stranraer Delphi Common Rail Injector Testing & Repair: Nearby Expert Facility

May 9, 2024

Preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent common rail diesel injector problems, and Extract Engineering (01228 558866) offers some of the most advanced test and repair capabilities for Scottish heavy vehicle operators.

Delphi-Authorised Test & Repair For Stranraer Transport Firms

The best way to ensure your common rail injectors are operating as intended is to take them to an approved facility. Extract Engineering is one of only 12 Delphi-approved centres in the UK, and they’re conveniently located to service Scotland and the North West.

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They use some of the most advanced common rail injector test equipment currently available, including the Hartridge AVM-2 PC. They can not only diagnose a wide variety of faults, but they can also return your injectors to OEM standards, including new coding.

Delphi injectors can be found on a wide variety of heavy vehicles, including models from Volvo, Renault, DAF, Pacar, and Mercedes. Extract Engineering offers nearly-local expertise to keep your Stranraer based vehicles running at their optimum, without needing to send injectors further afield.

“We conduct the most detailed testing and fault analysis available to the commercial transport and heavy goods industries in the North West, Borders, and Southern Scotland regions,” a company representative explained. “We have invested in the very latest testing technology to supplement our years of experience with diesel system diagnostic tests.”

The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance

Symptoms of common rail diesel injector problems can include an increase in smoke emissions, loss of power, rough idle, an engine rattle, oil use, or dirty engine oil. Recognising that a problem exists, and carrying out preventive maintenance, can often prevent more significant and costly damage from occurring.

As Extract Engineering point out, the common rail injector systems are manufactured to very fine tolerances, and also operate at remarkably high pressures, requiring specialised equipment to diagnose potential faults. With the latest announcement, the firm brings some of the most advanced test and repair capabilities to Stranraer and Southern Scotland.

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About Extract Engineering

Company manager and lead engineer Steve Jefferson is widely recognised for his experience and expertise with diesel injector systems, and his knowledge contributed to the development of Delphi’s latest generation of testing platforms. In addition to common rail injectors, the centre retains the capabilities and equipment required to test and repair older mechanical systems.

“We’re based in Scotland, but we always go to Extract Engineering for any injector or fuel testing issues,” one client recently stated. “They always provide a brilliant service.”

Why send your common rail injectors to the Midlands when you have one the UK’s leading experts on your doorstep?

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