Get Delphi-Approved EUI Diesel Injector Testing For Lillyhall, West Cumbria

Apr 14, 2024

Modern HGV diesel injection systems are becoming increasingly complex. If you’re based in Lillyhall or surrounding areas of West Cumbria, Extract Engineering (01228 558866) has you covered.

Get Delphi-Approved EUI Diesel Injector Testing For Lillyhall, West Cumbria

This Cumbrian company not only provides you with convenience, but they are also one of only 12 authorised Delphi repair centres in the UK. That means if you operate a Volvo, Renault, DAF, Pacar, or Mercedes vehicle, they have the necessary equipment and training to make sure your injection system is serviced correctly.

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As Delphi suggests, Extract Engineering uses the latest Hartridge AVM-2 PC test benches. If you’re a haulage or transport operator in West Cumbria, why would you trust your valuable investment to anyone else?

So, why are well maintained diesel injectors and pumps so important? Well, efforts to improve diesel emissions, power, and efficiency have led to the development of ever more sophisticated injection systems. Common rail systems are the most familiar. Recently, electronic unit systems are being used increasingly by manufacturers like Delphi, owing to the level of flexibility it provides. However, as diesel injection systems become more complex, so do the methods and equipment required to test and repair them.

Extract Engineering now combines the Hartridge AVM-2 PC test bench with an HK 1500 cam box, allowing it to accurately recreate conditions within your diesel engine. Using this advanced equipment, the latest EUI injectors and EUP pump units can be diagnosed, tested, repaired, and recoded to Delphi specifications.

Given the fine tolerances of modern diesel engines, the importance of this service for West Cumbrian HGV operators like you should not be understated. You no longer need to send components to the Midlands and further afield for testing. It provides you with the convenience of a local test and repair outlet, while also giving peace-of-mind that your engine is running at optimum performance and efficiency.

About Extract Engineering

Founded in 2006, the family-owned and operated company specialises in all types of common rail diesel fuel systems. Extract Engineering is located on Kingstown Industrial Estate in Carlisle, making it easy to access for haulage companies throughout West Cumbria. Given their use of the most advanced equipment, and excellent customer feedback, the centre is sometimes asked to participate in industry test and development activities.

A company representative stated: “As a family run business, we pride ourselves in offering a personal, honest and reliable service to all of our customers. We are always happy to discuss issues with our customers and offer advice as to the most cost-effective solution.”

Get the highest standard of EUI diesel injector testing and repair in Cumbria, provided by locals, for locals.

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