The Best Local Delphi-Certified Diesel Injector Testing Center Near Edinburgh

Apr 14, 2024

As a haulage company owner in Edinburgh, do you send your diesel injectors to Preston to be repaired? Wouldn’t you prefer a more local solution? Then you need to speak with the specialists at Extract Engineering Ltd (+44-1228-558866) in Carlisle.

If you own a fleet of haulage vehicles in Edinburgh, getting your diesel injectors cleaned and repaired is a recurring maintenance task that can impact your bottom line. 

Based in Carlisle, Extract Engineering Ltd., offers you professional diesel injector testing, cleaning, and repair services which cover a wide range of injector types, including the latest high-pressure injectors used in many modern fuel systems.

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The company is pleased to be able to highlight their status as one of the few authorised Delphi Commercial test and repair centres in the UK, meaning they can clean, repair, and replace Delphi injectors with genuine parts.

As a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you’ll know that the damage caused by dirty or damaged diesel injectors can lead to additional expenses due to thirsty engines as well as an increase in pollution. For many haulage company owners in Scotland or the Borderlands, diesel injectors and pumps have frequently been sent for repair to the Preston area or the Midlands. This incurs further costs and potential delays.

Extract Engineering Ltd. offers you a more local alternative with their services on the northern edge of Carlisle, close to the M6 motorway. 

The Jeffersons who run the business, have over 30 years’ worth of experience in the industry. With Alyson keeping things organised and Steve the testing expert, this family-run business has unparalleled insight into identifying and correcting issues with diesel injectors. The services include testing, diagnosing issues, cleaning, refurbishing and re-coding. Many of the issues you experience are caused by poor installation and contaminated fuel, so regular testing on modern test benches can prevent issues becoming serious problems.

When conducting tests, Extract Engineering Ltd implements all the traditional methods such as flow testing and spray pattern tests, as well as integrating modern electrical tests for resistance and inductance that are required by common rail injectors manufactured by VDO, DENSO, Delphi, and Bosch. You can find more details regarding the test conducted by the team’s specialists at

Based in Carlisle, the company’s services are suitable for haulage businesses throughout Scotland, from Edinburgh to Perth, Inverness, and Aberdeen. The diesel testing and repair services are also suitable for any large fleet operators, such as bus and transport companies, courier companies, and agricultural enterprises.

Many companies in Scotland still send injectors and pumps down to Preston and the Midlands, not realising that there's a more local solution to their diesel testing needs.

You don't have to make this mistake.

Get professional diesel injector testing, cleaning, and repair work for your Edinburgh haulage company with Extract Engineering Ltd in Carlisle today!

For more information, you can visit or you can call +44-1228-558866.

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