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Apr 27, 2024

Missing teeth can cause bigger issues later on – including bone reduction. Don’t let it happen in Houston – call Dentist 101 at +1-713-773-1300 for dental implant treatments near Brays Oaks!

Best Dentists Near Brays Oaks: Implants Available!

When your teeth have gone, it doesn’t have to be a permanent loss. Not while Dentist 101 is here, at least - offering dental implants that’ll look the part and more importantly, feel the part in Houston.

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Dentist 101 is committed to providing your community with restorative dental care. Its implants are available as natural-look replacements for teeth - so if yours have been accidentally dislodged or extracted as part of routine procedures, you’re in luck.

Such treatments join an array of dental care methods, with Dentist 101 also providing root canals, fillings, and more. Dentist 101’s team is equipped to consult with you on the necessity of implants or other treatments. After an on-site examination, they’ll let you know about your options.

As noted by the Houston-area dental professionals, implants help to facilitate the continued function of your jaw and surrounding areas. They’re good for all kinds of things beyond visual enhancements - preserving the integrity of your other teeth while contributing to the maintenance of your jaw’s overall health.

Bone loss is a major consequence of going an extended period with missing teeth - with the jaw bone steadily deteriorating due to lack of stimulation. Never fear, though, implants can stop this effect - but you must act fast!

“Dental implants are the optimal way to restore missing teeth without harming additional teeth,” explains a Dentist 101 representative. “Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and mimic the root of the natural tooth - which also prevents bone reduction.”

Dentist 101 points to the appearance of its implants as an additional advantage, indistinguishable from natural teeth at a glance. Accordingly, the practice says that you can maintain your healthy and bright smile without losing confidence - in fact, your grin can look better than ever!

And that’s not all…

Further benefits of its implant procedures include better gum health and speech implications. Since teeth implants serve to restore alignment in your mouth, you might find it easier to speak and communicate after your tongues have properly adjusted to the new installations.

You can arrange your appointment at Dentist 101’s Houston or Sugar Land offices online or by calling the team over the phone. The multilingual practice is equipped to treat patients from diverse backgrounds, so whether you speak English, Spanish, Taiwanese, Cantonese, or Mandarin Chinese, you’ll find these pros to be approachable and clear!

One recent patient said of their experience: “The dentists here make the dreaded dental experience a positive one. Everyone is quick to help with a smile. The workspace and waiting areas are immaculate - you’ll find the staff professional and the dentists quite competent.”

There’s a reason implants rhymes with enhance

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