Maryland DDA Support Brokers For Self Determination: Gain Control & Independence

May 10, 2024

Self-direction was introduced to help those with developmental disabilities gain greater control and independence, and Maryland-based Community Health and Education Services (240-755-5591) offers comprehensive nursing support as part of the program.

Certified Support Brokers

Those who provide support broker services under the DDA have a unique responsibility to help you make decisions. Therefore, they’re required to pass special training, and the nursing support team at CHES is certified under this program.

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You can choose nursing consultation or nursing case management/delegation, which offer slightly different levels of support, depending on your needs. Don’t worry, the website explains each option, and you can always reach out to the team if you need to ask some questions.

CHES works in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, and they also offer skilled nursing and personal care. Whether you’re considering self-directed services, or you need assistance with personal care, they’re ready to help.

“We now offer Community First Choice, Personal Support Services, and Nursing Support Services,” a company representative explained. “Our nursing support services include both nursing consultation and nursing case management/delegation, and we’re always available to help you understand which one is best for you.”

The Self-Direction Model

The Maryland Development Disabilities Administration details the purpose of the self-direction service model, highlighting the rights of those with developmental disabilities to exercise control and choice over important issues in their life. The administration also explains the option of working with support brokers, who are specially trained to provide information, coaching, and advice.

The nursing support services from CHES were developed as part of the support broker program, and can include nursing assessments, self-administration assessments, HRST reviews, and development of health care protocols. If you need paid staff to administer medications, several additional services may be offered as part of the nursing case management/delegation program.

About Community Health and Education Services

Licensed as a Residential Service Agency by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, CHES focuses specifically on those with special needs. The team is trained to assist clients with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and those on the autism spectrum.

“Our mission is to provide affordable, unmatched care services to the vulnerable so they can remain safe and comfortable in their homes and their communities,” the agency continues. “Our reputation in providing caring, professional services is your guarantee of satisfaction.”

For a tailored needs assessment, contact the CHES team today.

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