Lost Your Job? Maximize Your Savings With This Utility Bill Negotiation Service

Apr 27, 2024

Most people are overpaying for their utilities, telecommunications, and other monthly services. If you’ve lost your job, you can’t afford to let gotcha fees and obsolete charges slide. Recession Resister’s utility auditing tool identifies and refunds these overpayments.

If you've been let go by your company, you'll want to preserve as much of your savings as you can. Usually, this means pausing unnecessary costs like dining out, luxury subscriptions, and capricious online shopping, but did you know there are significant savings to be had in your utility bills and other monthly charges?

By using Recession Resister, a trusted expense-cutting platform, you can quickly find out if you've been paying too much for your utilities, telecommunications, security costs and more, and then have these overages rightfully refunded. This could mean a huge cash injection just when you need it most.

Give Recession Resister a try for free, and find out how much you're owed: https://recessionresister.com


Recession Resister is a technology-based tool capable of quickly analyzing your paid utility invoices dating back years to uncover posting errors, unnecessary fees, and other cash grabs that merit a refund.

This technology is paired with a team of professional negotiators who work on your behalf to reduce your utility and telecommunications rates, and secure the reimbursements you're owed.

And the best part is that you don't have to lift a finger. Recession Resister does everything for you.


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of unemployed people within the country has remained steady over the last two years at approximately 6.1 million. Thirty-seven percent of this population is made up of people who've lost their jobs. If you can relate, you're probably paying extra attention to your budget. But did you know you might be paying extra money to your service providers?

If you've experienced a sudden drop in income you can look to your utility charges, cell phone bills, security services, and more for hidden savings. This doesn't mean going through each bill line by line, but instead turning your bills over to Recession Resister for an audit.


Recession Resister is a platform through which you submit your paid monthly invoices for auditing. Once savings opportunities and overpayments deserving of a refund are identified, you'll be notified by a company representative. You can then choose to proceed with your refunds and rate reductions and pay just 50% of the total savings Recession Resister secures on your behalf.

Pro Tip: If you live in a deregulated energy market, your rates are most assuredly higher than the market rate. In fact, Recession Resister has collectively saved more than $1 million in overblown rates for customers in these markets, and they can do the same for you.

And the good news doesn't stop there. In addition to renegotiating the terms of your rates, the Recession Resister also offers an automatic energy-switching service that connects you with providers offering the best available rates. The switch won't interfere with the services you're used to but simply lowers your overall costs.

You'll get a detailed report of what Recession Resister finds in your invoices, and you can connect with their customer support via phone, email, or chat at any time.

Is it time you took a second look at your service rates? You could be due a significant refund and substantial savings going forward.

Learn more about Recession Resister and try it with no upfront fees at https://recessionresister.com

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