Real Estate Agents Can Use This Bill Savings Tool To Boost Budget Sustainability

May 10, 2024

If you’re a real estate agent, you know monthly expenses can be difficult to cover when deals are still in the making. Trusted financial optimization platform Recession Resister’s Bill Saver technology helps you enhance budget sustainability by reducing your expenses.

Did you know you're probably overpaying for your monthly expenses? This isn't something your service providers will tell you, but it's leading to millions more per year in their coffers instead of millions more per year in consumer bank accounts, where the money belongs. If you're a real estate agent whose monthly income is unpredictable, this correction on your expenses can make a huge difference in your budgeting.

Recession Resister is an expense management tool specifically developed to identify these overpayments and have them refunded back to you. Find out how much you're owed by trying Recession Resister for free at


Recession Resister was developed to assist real estate agents like you in reducing your monthly expenses, providing support with cash flow during periods of income uncertainty. Given the unpredictable nature of the real estate market, their services can be crucial to maintaining the financial stability you need.

Many real estate agents report feeling challenged with their cash flow due to the irregular nature of their income. Unlike businesses making consistent sales, agents in your industry typically receive large payments from clients less frequently, often only a few times per year. This imbalance in cash flow can make it difficult to cover necessary expenses and manage your finances effectively.

Here's what a Recession Resister spokesperson wants you to know:

“We understand the importance of managing expenses and optimizing savings, especially in a profession like real estate where your income is unpredictable. Our bill savings tool is designed to alleviate this financial pressure and provide you with the means to optimize your cash flow.”


Recession Resister’s bill savings tool helps resolve cash flow challenges by identifying opportunities for cost reductions on your essential expenses, like utilities, internet, television, satellite, cell phone, and your home security services.

Simply upload your paid bills to the Recession Resister platform. From there, the company's Bill Saver technology analyzes your bills to uncover any posting errors and/or obsolete fees. Once these errors and unnecessary fees are identified, you will be notified. You can then decide if you want Recession Resister's team to have these overages corrected on your behalf and refunded back to you, (which will result in an immediate injection of funds and a reduction in your monthly expenses going forward).

Recession Resister also scans for overblown utility rates which the company’s professional negotiators can have lowered on your behalf. This can be particularly beneficial if you live in a state with a deregulated utilities market.


Did you know Americans are overpaying for basic monthly services by $60 billion annually? Recession Resister was designed to ensure you don't pay anything more than what's rightly owed for the services you're using.

In line with this objective, Recession Resister does not charge any upfront fees. Instead, you pay 50% of the total savings secured on your behalf.

Could you use a nice little cash injection and a reduction in your expenses going forward? Who couldn't? Especially these days when every penny counts.

And here's the best part, when you use Recession Resister to find billing overages, you don't have to lift a finger. This means no going over bills dating back years and no calling up your service provider to dispute and try to reverse unwarranted charges. They do all the work for you.

Ready to find out how much you're owed and how much you can save? Learn more about Recession Resister at

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