Armonk Business Lawyers Offer Representation For Chapter 7 & 11 Bankruptcy

Apr 10, 2023

Jafri Law Firm (800-593-7491) helps businesses in Armonk and surrounding areas file for bankruptcy protection or liquidation. They know all the intricacies of bankruptcy law and will walk you step by step through the process.

Armonk Business Lawyers Offer Representation For Chapter 7 & 11 Bankruptcy

If you’re an independent contractor, deciding to file for bankruptcy may be the hardest decision you’ll ever make. But you can do so gracefully and with dignity when you consult with the legal experts at Jafri Law Firm.

The firm offers accessible, no-obligation consultations for independent contractors like you who are looking for expert legal advice about bankruptcy filing. The firm’s consultations can help you out if you want to shut down your business, reorganize your debt, or restructure and reduce it while remaining in operation.

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The COVID-19 pandemic’s ramifications continue to affect businesses of all kinds in historically unprecedented ways, leaving many U.S. business owners with limited choices to manage their debt.

If you're an independent contractor facing such a situation, Jafri Law Firm can give you knowledgeable and skilled legal representation for Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy. That means you'll be able to exit your business or restructure your finances while saving the enterprise you've worked so hard to keep afloat.

The firm’s practice is exclusively focused on helping you manage and overcome significant amounts of debt so you can get a fresh start, reorganize your assets, or even liquidate through Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy filing.

The firm is also prepared to defend you against the more severe consequences of debt, such as foreclosure and creditor harassment. They want you to know you may have more rights than you realize and will help you hold creditors or lenders accountable for unlawful actions.

About Jafri Law Firm

Jafri Law Firm is a team of trial lawyers who will work tirelessly to see that their clients’ legal needs are met. They will take on complex litigation for individuals, large companies, and small businesses alike. The firm offers clients across diverse sectors tools and solutions to empower them both inside and outside the courtroom, from conflict resolution pre-litigation to understanding their defenses. Jafri Law Firm’s work has earned them the Avvo Clients’ Choice Award for 2020 and a 5-star Avvo rating.

Here's what one happy client had to say: “Jafri Law Firm was different from attorneys with whom I’d spoken in the past. They were available on weekends, late evenings, basically any time I needed them. Filing for Chapter 11 protection is a difficult decision, but Jafri Law Firm made things easier.”

If you’re being hounded relentlessly by creditors, don’t worry - help is only a phone call away! With Jafri Law Firm, you have the option to close operations with dignity, restructure with confidence, or even make your business come back stronger than ever.

Give them a call today at 800-593-7491, or learn more at

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