This Sparks, NV Law Firm Has The Expert Services You Need To Avoid Probate Court

Aug 11, 2021

Don’t end up going to court over the will of your loved one! Contact Kalicki Collier at 775-204-0600 or visit their website to learn about their probate services and how they can support you through the process, today!

Has your loved one passed away without a will? Having trouble distributing the assets of an estate? Get the best legal counsel to deal with probate matters with Kalicki Collier!

This Reno based law firm, which specializes in expert estate planning and asset protection, can now help you navigate the probate process in Sparks and take care of matters as your loved one would have wished!

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This latest announcement will help you get access to the legal services necessary to administer the estate of your deceased loved one.

Probate is the legal process in which the estate of a deceased individual is settled. This can be accomplished by proving the validity of a will or, in absence of such documents, based on intestacy laws in the state that the deceased lived in at the time of their death. As part of this process, individuals can contest the validity of the will, which can lead to lengthy and expensive court battles.

Kalicki Collier will help you work through the complex probate process. The firm can also act as the executor of a client’s will, ensuring assets are distributed fairly among loved ones and creditors.

The probate attorneys aim to settle your estate matters outside of court, whenever possible. To do so, the highly qualified legal team will use their expertise in probate matters to conduct thorough negotiations on your behalf and to give you the support your loved one would have wished you to have.

When court is necessary, the attorneys have plenty of experience dealing with the probate court system to get your desired results. The firm offers court representation for executors, personal representatives, and beneficiaries.

You can prevent the need for probate court altogether with Kalicki Collier’s estate planning services. The attorneys can help you protect your family and your assets with a witnessed last will and testament, and other planning services.

With this update, Kalicki Collier reaffirms its commitment to providing clients with high-quality legal services to protect their estate and property. Moreover, the legal team has developed a strong reputation for their expertise and level of client care.

One satisfied client said: “James Kalicki handled our estate planning and our trust with professionalism and care. We especially appreciate that he listened to us and also took the time to educate us about our choices. We would highly recommend him.”

Don’t let your probate issues get out of hand! Contact Kalicki Collier to find out more about their range of legal services!

Kalicki Collier has the legal expertise you can rely on to sort out probate matters fast! Go to to find out how the firm’s attorneys can help you today!

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