Leading Reno, NV Law Firm Specializes in Estate Planning & Trust Fund Setup

Jul 23, 2021

People who need expert estate planning advice can rely on the expertise of Reno, NV-based law firm Kalicki Collier (+1-775-204-0600).

Want to protect your assets and secure your family’s future? This law firm can help!

Kalicki Collier, a law firm based in Reno, Nevada, launches its updated estate planning service. The practice works with you to create a plan that protects your assets and maximizes the inheritance your loved ones will receive. 

Learn more by visiting https://kalickicollier.com

With this service, you can gain greater peace of mind knowing that your finances will be in order before you pass away. The firm is staffed with attorneys who have deep experience in probate court and last wills and testaments.

Many individuals assume that estate planning is geared towards the very wealthy, which is why only about one-third of Americans have a last will. However, Kalicki Collier notes that everyone who has valuable assets to leave behind (such as real estate) should undergo this process. 

The goal of estate planning is to ensure that your assets will be properly and equitably distributed upon your demise. Moreover, it employs strategies to preserve and protect wealth, such as putting your assets into a trust fund.

Kalicki Collier works closely with you to understand your net worth so it can create a comprehensive last will and testament. This document spells out who your rightful inheritors are and what they should receive.

Estate planning can also sidestep probate courts, which oversee the transfer of properties and assets should you pass away. With the proper plan, your loved ones can receive their inheritance in a much shorter amount of time. 

The law firm notes that estate planning can secure the financial future of your family members. Moreover, it can eliminate disputes that often arise when there is no last will and testament. 

Kalicki Collier is a leading legal firm whose practice areas also include bankruptcy filing and litigation. Aside from Reno, it also services the nearby communities of Minden, Fernley, Fallon, Dayton, and Sparks.

A spokesperson says: “Let us do all of the heavy lifting and manage your estate planning. Client satisfaction is the key to our success. Our lawyers and staff strive to provide you with exemplary legal services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.”

Protect your assets and your loved ones with estate planning. Get in touch with Kalicki Collier today!

Simply visit https://kalickicollier.com if you need further details about the firm and its services.

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