Get The Best Trust Administration Solutions Through This Sparks NV Law Firm Now

Apr 19, 2021

If you want to ensure your will is executed to the letter and your legacy survives as you intended, let the specialist attorneys at Kalicki Collier in Sparks NV guide you through your options.

Do you still need to write a will? Want to plan your estate to protect your family after you’ve gone and need experienced attorneys to guide you through the process? Contact Kalicki Collier today!

Kalicki Collier, a full-service law firm with headquarters in Reno, NV, have announced the expansion of their expert estate planning services, offering specialist probate advice and affordable asset protection solutions to residents of Sparks, NV.

Get expert help to plan a secure future for your estate. Call the team at Kalicki Collier for specialist advice. More details here

The expansion gives you access to the firm’s accomplished team of lawyers to help you through the process of will writing and formalizing legacy wishes. You can receive expert guidance on the most suitable kind of provision as well as all necessary legal representation for the process.

According to Fidelity, roughly half of Americans do not have a will and fewer still have an estate plan. Estate planning provides a way to minimize the expenses and delays that come with the probate process. It can also make provision for business succession and charitable donations in the event of your death.

Kalicki Collier offer you expert legal advice on asset protection strategies, helping to safeguard your legacy from potential creditors. The firm offer estate structuring to ensure your surviving family members are not faced with stressful legal wrangles. Estate taxation at state level also needs to be factored in and the Kalicki Collier team are experts in the finer details of Nevada’s tax laws.

You can also benefit from Kalicki Collier’s expert trust administration services. This provides assurances that your trust beneficiaries will avoid legal complications down the line. Trust survivors can avoid probate proceedings but adequate trust planning from experienced attorneys is still essential in ensuring that administration runs smoothly.

The dedicated team at Kalicki Collier have over 60 years combined experience in all areas of law. Partners James Kalicki, John Collier and Danielle Christenson offer expertise in estate planning, trust administration, business law and probate, as well as business and tax planning.

According to a company spokesperson, “Each lawyer at Kalicki Collier brings a unique skill set and background to our team. We have helped countless individuals in estate planning and asset protection.”

With the expansion of their estate planning services for residents of Sparks, NV, Kalicki Collier affirm their commitment to making quality legal representation and specialist knowledge accessible to you. Get the best legal team in Nevada fighting your corner today. More details here

If you feel daunted at the prospect of planning your estate and need affordable legal representation and expert advice, call Kalicki Collier today!

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