Remove Back & Body Hair Using Ergonomic Shaver With 180-Degree Foldable Handle

Aug 4, 2023

Do you have trouble shaving your back? Perhaps you should try using the Back and Body Shaver from Fuze Brands.

If you're like most men, you've probably been defeated more than once trying to shave your back. Dull razors, small handles, and an inability to shave and look in the mirror over your shoulder at the same time are the most common causes of downfall. Now, however, you can get the job done with ease, thanks to Fuze Brands!

Their Back and Body Shaver lets you give your back and body a smooth and consistent shave that is pain- and irritation-free. The shaver does this thanks to its ergonomic design and rustproof dry glide razors.

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The Back and Body Shaver features a 10-inch long ergonomic handle, which allows you to reach the difficult parts of your back. Its 180-degree foldable handle also provides some bend and flexibility, so the device contours to your skin with a bit more ease.

Because the shaver can be folded up, it also makes it the perfect tool to bring along on business trips or vacations. It's compact enough to fit in a suitcase, backpack, or toiletry bag. It's also very easy to clean, so you never have to worry about bringing all your cut hair with you when you pack it up.

The shaver comes with two stainless steel blade cartridges capable of providing an extra-close shave on both wet and dry skin. The blades are rust and corrosion-resistant, so you never have to worry about cuts and nicks. Their angle and sharpness also ensure they glide smoothly over your skin, no matter how thick or rough your hair might be.

In addition to your back, the shaver can also be used on the rest of your body. You simply remove the blade from the handle and use it in a hand-held capacity.

“One of the things I like most about this shaver is the size of its blades,” said a satisfied customer. “I’ve tried other devices that expect you to shave large areas with small blades. Fuze Brands’ Back and Body Shaver changes the game with its wide-blade design. And it works on both wet and dry. The blade bed even slides off the handle so you can use it as you would a comb. It’s the best product on the market.”

The Back and Body Shaver is available on the Fuze Brands website for a limited-time price of $29.97. Fuze Brands offers free worldwide shipping, 24-hour fulfillment, and a three-month guarantee on all products. If you can find a device cheaper somewhere else, they also do price matching.

About Fuze Brands

Since 2016, Fuze Brands has been providing men with unique and innovative grooming products and devices. The company also carries lifestyle, health and beauty, home and garden, kitchen, and pet products.

Shaving your back has never been easier thanks to the Back and Body Shaver from Fuze Brands! Get yours today by visiting

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