Empower Your Small Business With Simplified Automation & Technology Community!

May 2, 2024

If you want to grow your small business and connect with peers, register today for Automate And Grow’s automation technology courses on marketing, sales, and customer acquisition!

You've turned your entrepreneurial dream into a reality - but you're always looking for ways to grow. If you want to make the most of automation technology, check out the Automate And Grow community platform!

Learn more at https://www.skool.com/automateandgrow/about

The platform is a fantastic resource for small businesses of all types and available courses include a program on automation for revenue growth.

As automation becomes increasingly popular as a way to streamline business development, the Automate And Grow community is an information hub for entrepreneurs who seek a greater degree of autonomy and empowerment.

Gain Valuable Tools

A recent Forbes report highlights the benefits of automation for small businesses, noting that the use of automation for repetitive tasks saves you time and energy, while also leading to greater profitability and an enhanced customer experience. With the resources available through Automate And Grow, you'll gain valuable tools.

“Our community’s goal is to demystify technology to make business growth through automation accessible for every small business,” says a spokesperson. “We want to empower small business owners by simplifying automation and making it actionable as part of driving growth and efficiency.”

Interact With Peers

In addition to the three courses currently available through the platform - which can be taken at any time - the Automate And Grow technology team offers weekly mastermind sessions, in which you can get valuable insights, interact with peers, and learn to harness technological tools.

If you're ready to reach the next level of technology proficiency, the platform also provides opportunities for personalized 1:1 mentoring packages, which can give you a clear focus for measurable goals.

You'll have many chances to connect and liaise with others on the platform, forming valuable networks while also learning to personalize sales campaigns, prioritize high-value activities, and build integrated systems to boost overall performance.

Maximize Performance

Automate And Grow membership costs $4 per month and current members have positive reviews. “I’ve learned so much since joining this community,” says Teresa M. “The Marketing & Sales Automation 101 course has completely transformed my business approach and I’m already seeing results! I recommend the platform for anyone who wants to harness the power of technology.”

Sign up for Automate And Grow and start maximizing your business automation opportunities!

Find further details and join the platform at https://www.skool.com/automateandgrow/about

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