SerpSling: SEO Strategy App With High-Traffic Keyword Suggestion Tool & Analysis

May 2, 2024

SerpSling by Joshua Zamora gives you all the insight you need to create an engaging marketing campaign and give yourself the best chance of ranking on Google!

MunchEye recommends SerpSling by Joshua Zamora as a great foundation for all your online content. If you've ever wanted to build a business around content, now's the best time – because you can easily leverage detailed reporting!

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Research the best keywords fast

The three-in-one app allows you to quickly research any keyword and better understand how to target it, with actionable strategies that you can use to get more backlinks and drive high-converting traffic from both Google and YouTube to your product landing pages.

According to the latest data from MonsterInsights, the top five search results on any given query receive around 70% of the total clicks. SerpSling is designed to help you capitalize on this by providing you with the necessary insights to secure the best positioning for the keywords that matter to you.

Create engaging content

In addition to the main keywords, SerpSling provides details on associated terms that you may not have previously considered, helping you to create content that is optimized for a broader range of search queries - and connect with more customers.

One of the key features of the app is its ability to generate a difficulty score for each keyword, taking into account various factors such as competition and search volume, and providing you with a clear understanding of the effort required to rank for it.

Instantly create high-ranking sites

The tool allows you to instantly create mobile-friendly niche sites, populated with SEO-friendly content, or publish YouTube videos that are specifically tailored to the target keywords.

Discussing the impact the tool offers for any marketing campaign, Joshua Zamora states: "You’ll be able to get a full data analysis of any keyword you’d like and know exactly how easy or hard it’ll be to rank for, the search volume, the search trend, the average backlinks that would be needed to rank for it, and a full list of the top 10 organic or local rankings. From there, you can create a content strategy that improves your online reach and visibility."

Targeting the right keywords is one of the most important factors in your online success. Take your process to the next level today!

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