Get This Double-Blade Body Shaver With Extendable Handle For Hard To Reach Spots

Sep 26, 2023

Struggling to reach certain areas of your back when shaving with regular razors? With Fuze Brands, you don’t need to have the suppleness of a contortionist to get a perfect body shave!

When you go to shave your back, how many times have you accidentally cut yourself or even fallen out of the shower because you’re trying to reach that pesky bit between the shoulders? With this shaver from Fuze Brands, you can enjoy both wet and dry shaves in comfort and reach all areas with ease!

Mirroring rising grooming trends, Fuze Brands' new back shaver caters to modern men who want to remove hair from other parts of the body aside from the face. If you're one of them, then Fuze Brands' back-and-body shaver is for you! This incredible grooming tool sports an extendable handle and rustproof blades that offer a smooth shave, even without the use of shaving cream.

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One of the unique elements of the shaver is that it is designed to offer a close, pain-free shave on all areas of the back. It works on any type of skin and doesn't require power to operate.

Shaving the back usually poses a frustrating challenge, as the awkward angles make it difficult to see and properly shave hard-to-reach spots. The Fuze Back Shaver eliminates this problem with its intelligently designed extendable handle that provides the length and maneuverability needed to shave the entire back smoothly. The handle is coated in a soft rubber grip, giving you maximum control as it glides across your back.

The shaver folds up to 180 degrees to adapt to the contours of the back, and its dual blades are arranged to lift and cleanly cut hair with each pass, while the head follows contours to prevent nicks and irritation on the neck and shoulders. The best thing about this back shaver is that you can use it wet or dry, with or without shaving creams or gels.

The ergonomic handle design prevents hand and wrist fatigue, while the dual blades cut faster than single blades. After shaving the back, you can remove the head from the handle to shave the chest and other areas.

After use, the Fuze Back Shaver folds in half for compact storage. Weighing just 7 ounces, it tucks away neatly into gym bags or storage drawers. When open, it measures 10.2 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. Moreover, the blades are rustproof, so it's a guarantee that you'll be using this product for a long time.

One recent buyer said: "Very skeptical at first. Saw these types of products and didn't know how they would work without shaving cream or something like that. But this worked well and didn't hurt or pull hair. No razor bumps or cuts... very impressed."

If you're looking for an easy-to-use back shaver that can get a smooth finish without worrying about cuts, you've found the only shaver you'll ever need!

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