David M. Perkins Offers Inspiring Anecdotes & Life Lessons In Humorous Memoir!

May 15, 2024

If you’re an autobiography fan, you’ll love author David M. Perkins’s memoir, containing a vast range of inspiring personal anecdotes and fascinating life lessons recounted with signature humor and insight.

If you love hearing fresh perspectives and have an unquenchable thirst for learning about other people's lives, check out the new autobiography from David M. Perkins!

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Perkins's memoir, titled “On LIFE: Rants, Tributes, and Lessons Learned in No Particular Order” contains a selection of the author’s essays and anecdotes, collected over four decades.

Told with humor and a tone that sometimes verges on satirical, the autobiography reveals provocative, interesting perspectives on a variety of issues.

Push Your Boundaries

Many anecdotes in the book are drawn from the author’s time spent as a telecine colorist, working in the television and motion picture industries. In recounting his experiences, Perkins frequently takes controversial and contrarian stances that push boundaries and challenge you to reevaluate your opinions and beliefs as a reader.

“I am fully aware that a huge percentage of my readers will vehemently disagree with what is written in my book,” says the author. “I’m okay with that. I am so accustomed to it, in fact, that I sometimes find the need to reevaluate my stance when I find myself siding with the majority.”

Gain Inspiration

Perkins explains that the idea for his autobiography arose from the fact that many friends and family members requested copies of his essays and written anecdotes over the course of several decades, prompting him to compile them into one accessible location.

Additional inspiration came from the author’s close relationship with his son, and his goal of leaving a “paper trail” of his life experiences and lessons learned.

The autobiography is not organized in a conventional way with a single narrative arc or predictable path; rather, it is presented as a mosaic of experiences, thoughts, inspirational accounts, and insights into the nature of life. You'll have a chance to engage with Perkins’s content on your own terms, interacting in dialogue form.

Read Funny Anecdotes

Perkins's memoir has received positive reviews from readers. “This book is a literary journey that mirrors the unpredictability of life itself,” says Duane N. “David Perkins invites readers into the unfiltered recesses of his mind, a collection born from the scattered pieces of a writing journey spanning decades. The self-awareness and acceptance of dissenting opinions contribute to the book’s charm, making it a relatable and engaging read.”

Sink your teeth into this fascinating memoir - grab your copy of “On LIFE: Rants, Tributes, and Lessons Learned in No Particular Order” today!

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