New Handcrafted Black Lucky Cat Candle Spell Kit Will Make 2023 Your Best Year

Jul 23, 2023

Parlour of Wonders has a new handmade candle kit for good luck that is going to make all of your 2023 resolutions and dreams come true.

Make 2023 your luckiest year yet with Parlour of Wonders’ new wish-fulfilling candle kit.

Called the Lucky Cat Candle Kit, the candle has been handcrafted in the online boutique’s Los Angeles studio by the store’s head, Madame Pamita. As a renowned author of spiritually attuned self-help books, a podcaster and a crystal docent, Madame Pamita believes candles can be used meaningfully to help you set intentions and as a part of your positive affirmation and self-care rituals. As such, she has crafted Parlour of Wonders’ new Lucky Cat Candle Kit for you if you want to channel good luck.

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Her new candle kit has been released in light of a recent article on The Chill Times. The article, which was written in consultation with several holistic health and wellness experts, explained that burning candles can help you to improve your focus, your ability to recall positive memories, and your mood. The Chill Times also explained that candles are known to alleviate stress, can facilitate better sleep and allow you to set a beneficial morning or nightly ritual.

It is this last purpose in particular that has inspired Parlour of Wonders with their new Lucky Cat Candle Kit. The boutique has handmade their candle using naturally calming unscented beeswax to give you a completely clean-burning and non-toxic product.

Madame Pamita has created the candle in red as the color is a symbol of passion, and she recommends it to you if you are looking to create positive affirmations regarding love, romance, and relationships.

You can also select the Lucky Cat Candle Kit in other colors, including pink, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, white and black, which Parlour of Wonders believes each represents a different facet of life.

The candles have an average burn time of seven hours and you’ll love that they also come with a complementary essential oil and herbal packet.

Parlour of Wonders ships all of their candles and other spiritually attuned wares across the United States and Canada, and they promise you both reliable and fast delivery.

A spokesperson for the online boutique said, “If you are finding it hard to get what you want in life and need a helpful spirit to bring something to you quickly, then we recommend a positive manifestation or affirmation ritual done with the Lucky Cat Candle Kit. We hope it will allow you to go out and ‘catch’ your heart’s desire.”

Whatever you are hoping to cultivate this year, Madame Pamita for Parlour of Wonders can help you attain it.

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