Get Your Handmade Change of Heart Candle: Best Spell Kits in the USA

Jul 31, 2023

Madame Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders is featuring one of her most successful spell candle kits. You can now go in the running to win one of their handcrafted new spiritual Change of Heart candle kits.

If you’re ready to discover your spiritual self and your spiritual power, get started with Parlour of Wonders’ first candle kit promo.

The online boutique for spiritual wellness wares is proud to be offering their new Change of Heart kits. They're perfect for newcomers to the world of spiritual intentions and self-care rituals like yourself. Parlour of Wonders believe their new Change of Heart candle kit is the perfect item for you if you are looking to make major changes and transformations in your love life.

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The launch of their new promo comes just after The Spiritual Arts Institute released a new paper on the spiritual power of candles. The holistic practitioners at the institute believe with conviction that candles are one of the best tools for beginners in the spiritual arts because they help you to establish an atmosphere conducive to meditation, introspection, and communion.

They also believe that candles can be used to signal spiritual intentions and to create a positive, healing energy in a space.

In particular, if you win Madame Pamita’s new Change of Heart kit, you can tap into healing your heart or opening the heart of someone you care about.

As with all their spiritual candles, their new hearts come available in different colors, each of which will help you to channel and attain a specific intention. The store recommends that you select a pink heart if you are seeking a new romance, blue if you are in need of healing a relationship, yellow if you want more happiness with your love, white for cleansing or black for protection.

Parlour of Wonders also has brown hearts which support the attainment of justice, red for bringing passion, green for growth, purple for empowerment and orange for new opprotunities.

Whichever spiritual purpose you have in mind, you'll love that all of their Change of Heart kits are handcrafted from clean-burning, non-toxic unscented beeswax.

Parlour of Wonders is the online home of spiritual wellness guru and crystal docent Madame Pamita. In addition to their new Change of Heart kit, you can select from a large array of spiritual candles.

A spokesperson for the online boutique said, “The heart is the center of your being, and you can use this Beeswax Change of Heart Candle Kit in your daily manifestation and affirmation rituals to make dramatic positive changes in your emotional life.”

Start on your spiritual journey thanks to Parlour of Wonders’ Change of Heart candle.

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