Eco-Friendly Adventure Travels: Discover Pristine Locations & Help Conservation

Apr 28, 2024

If you’re interested in being a more eco-friendly tourist, but you aren’t sure how to contribute, Ever Wonder Adventure offers a new travel guide series covering some of the world’s top sustainable travel destinations.

Exploring & Conserving Pristine Natural Wonders

The problem with traditional tourism is that it’s all take and no give, which often destroys the environment that first drew us there. Sustainable tourism focuses on protecting local nature and culture, and Ever Wonder Adventure now highlights some of the best examples.

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From the Trans Bhutan Trail to the Golden Triangle and Puerto Princesa, there’s a sustainable tourism adventure to suit every taste. You can also support the addition of new travel guides by purchasing one of the high-quality hand-curated items from their merch store.

In addition to the new travel guide series, Ever Wonder Adventure aims to draw attention to pressing environmental issues. To that end, the website also offers in-depth articles on a variety of topics, such as saving sea turtles and reducing or eliminating food waste.

“With our new travel guide series, Ever Wonder Adventure introduces you to unexplored landscapes, serene coastlines, picturesque hills, and forested towns, offering a chance to reconnect with pristine beauty,” a company representative explained. “By purchasing bespoke products, you contribute to preserving the environment and safeguarding these mesmerizing landscapes for future generations.”

Growing Interest In Sustainable Travel

A recent report from Future Market Insights values the global sustainable tourism market at over US$1.5 trillion this year. The firm projects a CAGR of 23.8% over the next 10 years, reaching an amazing US$12.8 trillion by 2034.

As Ever Wonder Adventure points out, such statistics highlight the growing awareness and interest in sustainable tourism among the traveling public. However, the firm also points out that many people do not know how best to support such activities, and the new travel guide was therefore developed to help you discover some of the leading initiatives from all around the world.

About Ever Wonder Adventure

In support of its conservation activities, Ever Wonder Adventure has curated a growing line of apparel and travel products, including unisex t-shirts, sweatshirts, swimsuits, bikinis, yoga mats, and more. Many of the pieces are themed from destinations covered in the firm’s adventure travel series, including Thailand, Laos, New Zealand, and the Philippines. 

“By choosing to purchase one of our curated, bespoke, and customized pieces, you are joining us in creating a legacy of love for our planet,” the firm continues. “It's an investment in a future where our experiences in nature are harmonious and sustainable.”

Ready to plan your eco-friendly adventure? Be sure to buy some hand-curated merch to wear on your travels.

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