Intuitive Edge Expands its Legal Services, Simplifying the Managing of Contracts (CMaaS)

Feb 23, 2021

Do you want to streamline business administration and workflows with the best contracts management services? Check out the updated CMaaS solutions from Intuitive Edge today!

If you want to optimize your business workflows and save time on contract work, Intuitive Edge can make that happen.

Intuitive Edge, the Frisco, Texas-based contacts specialist, has expanded its Contracts Management as a Service (CMaaS) solutions. They work with local clients to combine people, technology and process while optimizing business workflows.

Get in touch today to see how they can help you through their full-service business contracts management.

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The newly-updated CMaaS service optimizes and streamlines contracts management and is core to the company’s commitment to delivering the best results for your business. They simplify processes to save you time, energy and money across sectors.

Intuitive Edge explains that businesses today struggle with a highly regulatory and litigious environment. This landscape creates the need for more written contracts, which in turn leads to an increased need for legal expertise.

This is where their expanded service helps companies. The team understands the complexities of managing contracts and deploys a bespoke system under CMaaS called the OASIS Cycle to deliver more efficient business strategies.

You are encouraged to get in touch to discuss consultations or outsourcing all or part your contracts management function. Intuitive Edge will then integrate with your team and establish a tailored, targeted process to get the best results.

One of the primary benefits of this service is that it reduces complexities across the process of managing and negotiating contracts. You get peace of mind from knowing that a large part of your administration is being handled by a specialist team.

You will also experience improved negotiation positions, while getting greater insight into your organization through detailed tracking and analytics.

Intuitive Edge provides you with a range of services, from merger and acquisition solutions, consulting engagement and contracts management as a services. In addition to this, they provide interim attorney placement, and patent and trademark services.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Intuitive Edge is disrupting the expensive, complex process of navigating acquisitions involving managed contracts. The teams they deploy are more creative, cheaper, faster and more reliable than big firms with even bigger invoices.”

You can find out more info on the link above!

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