May 3, 2021

Intuitive Edge, LLC ( is a revolutionary legal services company that redefines the industry. Attorney Lisa Scott founded this woman-owned company to handle complex contract management projects, potentially involving thousands of contracts being transferred between entities. The company accomplishes this at a lower price using Dream Teams of lawyers working with project managers, breaking the pay-our-hourly-rate-per-lawyer stranglehold of traditional firms.

Intuitive Edge, LLC, a cutting edge legal services company founded by Attorney Lisa Scott, is breaking new ground in more than one way. Not only is Intuitive Edge ( a woman-owned business, but the company has disrupted the contracts management world by pairing project managers with attorneys to create Dream Teams that deliver lower-cost, extremely high quality services to businesses engaged in any M & A process. And Attorney Scott hasn’t stopped there. Intuitive Edge works with clients large and small to offer prices based on project size, not a number of hours, when desired.

“The idea of Intuitive Edge is really very simple,” Attorney Scott said. “Legal services have traditionally been designed with law firms in mind, not clients. And while it may be in a law firm’s interest to use only high-priced legal talent for every facet of a project, the truth is that project managers are often better at that role and can be deployed at far lower cost. Moreover, while it might be in the law firm’s interest to have no ceiling to the number of hours that can be billed on a complex project of significant scale, that asks the client to assume all risk for cost overruns and inefficiencies. I am more than happy to partner with the many clients of Intuitive Edge to contain their legal costs because I know economies of scale that come from disrupting stale, staid models ripe for change.”

Intuitive Edge has already won business from Fortune 500 companies and has been retained not only by companies divesting themselves of business units, but acquiring entities, as well.

“The agenda and architecture of the work we do can be customized,” Attorney Scott said, “because we are willing to customize, to pivot, to use multidisciplinary teams, to leverage artificial intelligence and to remain committed to and in communication with our clients between projects, not just during projects. We are counsel that truly collaborates to achieve outstanding results at the lowest price possible.

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