These Hilarious Takes On Cartoon Logic Will Crack You Up


Everything is possible in cartoons and probably that’s why both adults and children love them so much.They watch them with such interest, although they might be full of logical inconsistencies, many of which we are already accustomed to.

Here we have gathered a few noteworthy examples.

1. Listens to music 

2. Underwater fire

3. Clothes change

4. Two dogs

5. Multilingual at age 4

6. 2 characters are married

7. Met Jesus multiple times

8.  Great disguise

9. They can’t get out

10. Eating with chop-sticks

11. Lola & Bugs

12. If you freeze metal

13. Naked all day

14. Clean it

15. Gravity doesn’t work

16. Lion King

17. Shirt on