Get The Best Legal Support For Chapter 11 & 13 Bankruptcy In Mount Vernon, NY

May 11, 2021

Jafri Law Firm has recently updated its bankruptcy legal services in Mount Vernon, New York, to help if you need advice regarding your personal or business financial difficulties.

Is your business having financial difficulties due to the pandemic? Are you considering bankruptcy but don’t know where to turn?

Jafri Law Firm has launched its updated services in and around Mount Vernon, New York, to help those seeking legal advice regarding bankruptcy for their personal or business debts.

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The service sees the law firm introduce a full-time department that is focused on assisting you with your legal needs regarding bankruptcy and the options available to you, such as liquidation or restructuring to reduce debts.

The current pandemic landscape has caused disruptions and financial complications for both businesses and individuals around the world. Due to these issues, there has also been a rise in those seeking legal advice regarding their financial difficulties. Jafri Law Firm’s updated bankruptcy services are able to provide support and guidance to help you during these difficult times.

The New York law firm understands the stress that financial issues can cause and provides its services 24/7 to give you around the clock access to sensitive and supportive legal advice. Furthermore, the company can assist you with both resolutions and court cases when required.

Jafri Law Firm’s experience and industry knowledge allow them to provide your business with legal representation for the filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy to close the business, or to reduce your debts through restructuring with Chapter 11. If you require assistance with your personal and business debts, you can also find support in filing for Chapter 13.

For all of their legal services, you are provided with an attorney who is on hand to protect your interests and offer counsel throughout your case. The attorneys can also support you with defense against any unlawful harassment and foreclosures that you may experience from creditors and lenders.

The updated services from Jafri Law Firm are now available to you in Mount Vernon, as well as Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Newark.

A recent client of the firm said, “They’re dependable, easy to work with, and keep their clients informed. It is not an easy decision to put your business into bankruptcy. Jafri Law Firm helped make this process bearable.”

Get professional and sensitive legal support for your financial difficulties with Jafri Law Firm’s updated bankruptcy services today!

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