Get The Best Affordable Dog-Themed Clothes By California Canine & Suzie Eichhorn

May 12, 2021

California Canine, led by Suzie Eichhorn, announces its new collection of dog bandanas, dog collars, dog leashes, and dog-themed outwear. The online stores ships nationwide.

Let’s just paws for a bit to realize how ruff life would be without our dogs!

California Canine, an online store featuring dog-themed clothing and accessories, announces its updated collection of outerwear. The dog-themed brand is owned by Suzie Eichhorn who believes in sharing “pawsome” apparel with people around the country.

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The updated collection features new designs for its dog collars, dog t-shirts, dog leashes, dog bandanas, and dog tank tops. The new designs feature different activities that people usually do with their dogs, including surfing and camping. California Canine brands itself as a fun clothing line that reflects the easy Californian lifestyle.

Suzie Eichhorn began the brand as a way to show her love for her dog and where she lives. She says that, unlike other dog-themed clothing brands, California Canine is about sharing fun and happiness, especially those that come from being with your dog.

It started with its flagship line which featured designs involving the California flag and a golden dog to represent the “Golden State”. From there, it expanded its designs to reflect all sorts of activities, lifestyles, and dog breeds usually associated with California. Its consistent messaging of fun dog-themed clothes can be seen at

With its updated collection, California Canine invites pet guardians to dress their dogs in quirky dog gear. Suzie Eichhorn recommends their new dog bandanas that read “My Human is My Happy Place” or “All They Need is Love”.

For you, Suzie Eichhorn chose more simple designs. There are men’s and women’s dog-themed t-shirts with minimalistic patterns or phrases that say, “You Had Me at Woof” or “Got Dogs?”. All items run from small to 2XL, are pre-shrunk, and colorfast.

With its updated collection, California Canine, under the leadership of Suzie Eichhorn, continues its mission of providing fun and affordable dog-themed clothing to people like you.

A spokesperson of the online store said, “It is our hope to share the fun our Canines have in this great state through the work of our creative designers.”

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