Little Village Salon Hairdressers Stowmarket, Suffolk Appoint New Senior Stylist

Apr 14, 2024

Little Village Salon, Haughley, Stowmarket, Suffolk has brought on new expertise and named Mikaela Forster as a new Senior Stylist. Mikaela will be able to provide expert colour & styling advice.

Colour expert and trained Hairdreams stylist, Mikaela Forster takes new position as Senior Stylist for Little Village Salon, Stowmarket, Suffolk. Full details can be found on the About Us section of the company website,

Little Village Salon Owner, Joanna Leverett expressed confidence that Mikaela Forster is ready to handle the job, saying:

The salon wanted to explore the Hairdreams concept and Mikaela was the perfect fit for our business she has the required skill and empathy to deal with Hairdreams clients as well as our usual varied mix of clients. During the Hairdreams training Mikaela showed over and over again why she is the right person to help the Little Village Salon present the Hairdreams concept to the East Anglian audience.

Among the new responsibilities Mikaela Forster can expect to handle, the main challenges are:

As a highly skilled stylist Mikaela will be able to provide expert colour advice and has a tremendous balayage skill set. One of Mikaela's many talents is ensuring that every client in her chair feels special and she always ensures she leaves her customers thrilled with the results.

Hairdreams clients will be able to book discreetly if required. The Salon is due to start special Hairdreams days where only Hairdreams customers will be able to book in. Using Mikaela's skill and empathy we will be able to offer the Hairdreams clients suitable, affordable and discrete solutions to their concerns. Something that the Little Village Salon prides it's self on is the ability to treat the customer as a person and they will ensure they do that for all our customers not just their Hairdreams customers.

Adding Mikaela to the team will add further depth to an already established team and adding the Hairdreams element will further enhance the offering of the salon.

Customers and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new Senior Stylist via the website:

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