Enjoy A Hot Girl Summer With Atlanta, GA Wig & Weave Rental Service

Apr 14, 2024

The future of hair and beauty has arrived thanks to Atlanta’s WellCapped (404-531-2165). Get ready for a hot girl summer with their new wig rental subscription service.

Enjoy A Hot Girl Summer With Atlanta, GA Wig & Weave Rental Service

Are you spending hours every day caring for your hair? Was the last wig you bought a total disappointment? Are you sick of spending hundreds of dollars on products and wigs that just aren’t right? Do you want to change your look more easily and more often without breaking the bank? If you answered yes to any of these questions, WellCapped has the perfect solution.

The black, female-owned company is proud to be providing a unique service in the Atlanta market. Their new monthly rental subscription service allows members to rent a new wig every month for $100 per month or a new wig every other month for $69 per month, depending on the package you select. This makes it the perfect choice for trendsetters like yourself who want to regularly update their look, especially over the Hot Girl Summer season.

Go to https://www.wellcapped.com to find out more.

The launch coincides with the latest figures from Technavio indicating that the wig, weave, and extension industry is set to grow by $2.42 billion in the next two years, with the average cost for a high-quality lace front or full lace wig now being $600.

According to a recent exposé from Glamour magazine, many African American women are now spending $3,000 on their hair annually, but, in many cases, they are still left feeling disappointed. About 70% of Black women surveyed indicated that most high street brands simply do not cater to their hair needs, and the wig market is hard to navigate at best.

As such, WellCapped wants to offer you an innovative new approach to wigs. The company has a vast selection of glueless lace front and u-part wigs that subscribers can select from every month. The wigs are sent to you fully styled, plucked, and bleached. You are free to style them exactly as you wish, aside from cutting or coloring them.

Alongside realistic black wigs, the start-up also has a host of brightly colored wigs in popular shades like pink and blue.

WellCapped has also partnered with The Hair Laundry, a wig laundromat also based in Atlanta. This ensures that all wigs are sanitized, washed, conditioned, and styled before they are sent to their next wearer. Any minor damage you may do to the wig is covered under your membership fee and will also be repaired at The Hair Laundry.

You can access more information on the subscription service and its benefits at https://www.wellandgood.com/wellcapped-wig-rental

WellCapped is proud to be an innovator in the Black female beauty industry. They know the complexity of caring for Afro-textured hair and the difficulty of finding a genuine quality wig, let alone returning one, should it not be the look you hoped for.

A spokesperson for the start-up said, “WellCapped is the kind of company the beauty and hair industry has been waiting for, particularly for Black women who typically have to invest more time and money into their appearance.”

If you are ready to party this summer, make sure your hair matches your fabulous energy and style with WellCapped.

A recent feature on the company for Bet on Black is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGi14HkBPrQ. Visit the link to see how a WellCapped wig can change your hair game and life for the better.

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