AI Tools For Lead Gen, Cold Outreach & Meeting Booking With Calendly Integration

May 7, 2024

Kalendar.AI, an incredible new AI tool for lead generation, cold outreach emailing and meeting booking, is now fully integrated with Calendly.

If you’re looking for a pro sales agent, CRM agent and sign-up agent all-in-one, you’ll find it at Kalendar.AI with their sophisticated new AI-powered sales and lead generation service.

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Reduce Your Staffing & Ad Costs With Kalendar.AI

Kalendar.AI, which was launched just last year, is constantly improving their innovative AI solution and they are excited to let you know that they are now fully compatible with both Calendly and Zoom. This means they can now bring you an even better sales workflow.

With these new compatibility updates, the team of developers and B2B specialists behind Kalendar.AI hopes they can offer you a more hands-off experience, where you can completely outsource all your cold outreach and email marketing to Kalendar.AI’s AI sales agents and enjoy an automatically generated calendar of sales meetings.

Kalendar.AI is confident their new sales agent and lead generation service will help you replace costly sales staff and big marketing and advertising spending.

The Best Way to Do B2B Cold Outreach

In addition to canvassing a wide global market of over 300 million businesses for prospective leads and conducting the initial email outreach work—where they will send out personalized mass emails on your behalf—the Kalendar.AI sales agents will direct qualified leads to new customized landing pages.

These pages will facilitate and encourage meeting booking by connecting your leads directly with your Calendly calendar. A unique Zoom call link will also be generated through this process.   

The developers at Kalendar.AI have designed this new integrated workflow to be a swift and seamless process that will funnel leads through the sign-up process, ensuring that their email outreach converts to more sales meetings for your business.

Kalendar.AI, The Future Of Lead Generation

Ravi Vadrevu, the Founder & CEO of Kalendar.AI, said, “We believe that our strategic lead generation process signifies a new era in B2B sales, where precision meets personalization. By blending sophisticated AI with a deep understanding of user engagement, our platform ensures that from the first pitch to the final conversion, every interaction is tailored to build connections that drive business forward.”

He added, “We are confident that Kalendar.AI will become a game-changer in the sales domain, as it fosters relationships and facilitates growth with unrivaled efficiency. Our platform is now paving the way for businesses to not only reach their audience but to truly connect with them and is already setting a new standard for what it means to close deals in the digital age.”

Since the launch of Kalendar.AI last year, the firm has partnered with businesses across the US, and though they offer a hands-off AI sales solution, their team, under Ravi Vadrevu’s guidance, can work closely with you to develop a custom sales agent solution.

Plus, they also offer onboarding demos where they will walk you through their technology and their incredible ROI—which is more than 10x traditional lead gen efforts.

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