Ravi Vadrevu Of Kalendar.AI Is Leader In AI Bot Development For Sales & Lead Gen

May 14, 2024

Kalendar.AI is proud to announce that—in addition to their business being one to watch this year—their Founder & CEO Ravi Vadrevu has been named a global leader in AI sales technology.

If your business isn’t using Kalendar.AI yet, it should be. This incredible AI sales agent platform is changing the way businesses do lead gen.

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Introducing Ravi Vadrevu, AI Industry Gamechanger

Kalendar.AI is excited to let you know that their founder, Ravi Vadrevu, has been named an industry revolutionizer. As the personal writeup on Yahoo Finance states, Vadrevu has a unique vision for the future of AI in enterprise and is on a mission to help businesses just like yours utilize AI to make sales.

The positive press follows recent positive writeups of Kalendar.AI on TechCrunch and FoundersBeta, which both named the AI sales bot company among the top 100 businesses to watch this year.

Kalendar.AI, A New AI Sales Bot Solution You Need

With Vadrevu at the helm, Kalendar.AI has grown quickly following its launch last year to become a leader in AI-powered:

  • cold outreach,
  • lead generation,
  • online marketing
  • and sales services.

Using sophisticated AI sales bots, Kalendar.AI will allow your business to send a massive volume of personalized cold outreach emails to an international pool of leads.

The end goal of Kalendar.AI is to offer you a significant reduction in your staffing and advertising costs and to generate a full calendar of sales meetings. The platform is fully integrated with Calendly and Zoom for seamless meeting booking, and it also utilizes Woodpecker AI’s mailbox technology to keep your emails out of spam folders and into inboxes.

Partner With A Leader In Language Learning Model Tech

Ravi Vadrevu brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a background in technology, especially in language learning model AI technology to Kalendar.AI.

As the writeup on Yahoo Finance said, “Vadrevu’s leadership and vision have set the bar for productivity powered by AI. His latest venture, Kalendar AI, is revolutionizing workplace interactions, and Vadrevu’s commitment to innovation will undoubtedly continue to push the limits of what is feasible in the field of AI.”

Vadrevu and his team at Kalendar.AI are interested in forging more partnerships with companies just like yours. They encourage you to check their growing number of positive testimonials and case studies.

As D. Sharma, the founder of Wellness Coach—a popular online wellness app and platform—and a recent adopter of Kalendar.AI, said, “For a spend of just $800 in the first month, we got 12 meetings with HR execs in various size companies and closed one deal alone that was worth in excess of $50K.”

--> If you’re interested in harnessing the power of AI sales agents for your business, head to https://kalendar.ai/

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