Make Retroactive Employee Retention Credit Claim for Your Restaurant in 2024

May 8, 2024

Get help from America’s no. 1 employee retention tax credit expert, Heros ERTC, to secure a big refund for your hospitality business! These guys will maximize your claim and make sure it’s compliant with the IRS’ rules!

ERTC Claim Assistance for the Hospitality Industry

If you're in the hospitality industry, the pandemic and all the restrictions that came with it had an immense effect on your business. So why not make sure you take the chance to secure your ERTC today? With the help of Heros ERTC, it's easy! Just fill out a quick online form, and they'll handle the rest!

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ERTC Deadlines

While the deadline for the 2020 tax periods passed on the 15th of April 2024, you still have until the 15th of April 2025 to claim up to $21,000 per W-2 employee for 2021 tax periods. Heros ERTC's team of licensed accountants only specialize in making audit-proof ERTC claims and have secured billions of dollars for small businesses across the US.

"Regardless of the benefits of ERTCs, the process can be very confusing, especially with the complexity of tax codes and qualifications. That's where we come in," a spokesperson for the company said.

Restaurant and Hotel Revenue Loss

According to a 2022 report from the American Hotel & Lodging Association and Kalibri Labs, hotel industry revenue was estimated to be down by 23% from 2019, or $20 billion. Furthermore, ABC News reported that the food service and restaurant industry lost $120 billion due to the pandemic in 2020 alone.

Common Misunderstandings About the ERTC

As pointed out by Heros ERTC, many businesses are not aware that they are eligible for the tax credit due to the many misconceptions revolving around the incentive. For example, the CPA explains that businesses with PPP loans can still apply for the ERTC as the credit is not a loan. Heros ERTC can also help you understand the regulations around revenue loss and growth, highlighting that it's still possible to qualify even if revenue went up between 2020 and 2021.

How To Claim Your ERTC

To get started, you simply fill out a quick online form. The no-obligation questionnaire has only non-invasive questions and will give you an idea of how much you can claim. Once eligibility has been established, three CPA teams will review your application to ensure that it's optimized and in compliance with IRS regulations.

A previous client shared his testimonial: "Our restaurant had a phenomenal experience working with the team at ERTC Express. In less than three weeks, we discovered we were eligible for over $400k in tax credits! I still can't believe this is real!"

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