Get A Surfing Bandana For Large & Small Dog Breeds From California Canine

Nov 3, 2021

If you want to keep your pooch cool while you’re outdoors, check out the new pet bandana sold by California Canine.

Looking for a pet accessory that’s stylish and functional? This is exactly what you need!

California Canine's new item, called The Surf Dog Bandana, is designed for pets who love exploring the great outdoors. This accessory is made of high-quality materials and pet-safe dyes, ensuring it will not irritate your dog's skin.

Learn more about their surfing bandana today!

The store’s latest surfing bandana is ideal no matter what your dog’s breed or size may be. It is also an excellent complement to the dog-themed clothing and dog shirts for women that California Canine sells. 

Californians are bonafide dog lovers, with 32% of households in the state having at least one canine pet. With the bandana and shirts that California Canine offers, you and your dog can showcase your personalities with flair.

The Surf Dog Bandana keeps your pet cool during outdoor activities like walks, hikes, and runs. Moreover, its distinctive design makes your dog easy to spot and keep track of when attending meetups. 

It has a stylized design featuring a golden retriever on a surfboard riding the crest of a wave. You can choose between the white, black, pink, or blue versions. You may also buy the small (18.5 inches) or large (28.5 inches) variant, depending on your dog’s breed and age.

This piece was designed for both comfort and aesthetics, and uses 100% cotton grown in America. Furthermore, the bandana is preshrunk and colorfast, making it suitable for machine washing. 

You can purchase this bandana whether you live in the US or Canada. To ensure your satisfaction, all unopened and unworn items are covered by a 30-day return policy.

The store also has other dog themed clothing, including some cool dog shirts for women -- check out their range and you'll find something for you and your beloved pet!

California Canine embodies everything that is great about the Golden State and the outgoing pups that call it home. The shop provides pets and owners with handmade products that are true to the West Coast lifestyle.

A spokesperson says: "We truly love living in California. And when we realized that we get to live in this amazing place together with our dogs, California Canine was born. We hope to share the fun our canines have in this state through the work of our amazingly creative designers."

Don’t miss out on the latest pet accessory trend. Order this dog bandana now!

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