Florida FINRA Law Firm Helps Senior Citizens Recover Investment Losses

Jul 24, 2023

Did your stockbrokers destroy your retirement savings? Don’t worry, though, as Soreide Law Group (+1-888-760-6552) can help you recover investment losses.

Did your investment shrink while your stockbroker benefitted from your misfortune? Don’t hesitate to tap the expertise of Soreide Law Group!

The practice’s mission is to help you recover financial losses caused by the fraudulent actions of investment brokers. It specializes in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration, wherein disputes between you and your securities firm are resolved by a third party.

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Atty. Lars Soreide, who heads the firm, says this service is applicable if you received bad advice from brokerages, which have a fiduciary duty to protect your interests. These include recommending risky investments, excessive use of margins, over-concentration of portfolios, failure to limit losses, and excessive trading.


According to data from FINRA, about 1.5 million people lose money due to inaccurate or fraudulent advice given by investment brokers. Not only does this cause emotional distress, but it can also put your financial future in peril — especially if you’re a senior who relies on your assets for retirement income.

The legal practice fights aggressively on your behalf so you can quickly recover your losses. Atty. Soreide says that 90% of cases it has handled have resulted in a payout, highlighting the firm’s commitment to getting justice for victims. Moreover, it has extensive experience in FINRA cases, recovering investment losses from almost all major Wall Street firms.


Soreide Law Group understands that you may not have the funds to get legal assistance due to your losses. As such, it operates on a contingency basis, meaning it shoulders all upfront costs until a judgment is achieved. The firm will only collect legal fees if and only if you are awarded a payout.

Atty. Soreide says: “At our firm, you don’t deal with legal secretaries or paralegals, you deal only with securities lawyers. Therefore, we keep you informed and provide guidance during every step of the process.”


Soreide Law Group is a securities law litigation firm. It is committed to recovering financial losses to victims due to fraudulent conduct on behalf of stockbrokers or financial advisors. The firm can represent investors nationwide in the handling of their securities fraud claims.

It’s time to fight back against shady investment brokers. And Soreide Law Group is ready to duke it out for you. Get in touch today!

You may visit https://www.securitieslawyer.com/ for further details.

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