State Employees & Adolescents Finding Tailored Addiction Therapy In New Jersey

May 14, 2024

If you’re a state employee in New Jersey struggling with addiction, or you’re just entering the workforce and want to put your addiction behind you, you’ll find tailored addiction therapy at leading dual diagnosis center Relevance Behavioral Health (866-245-1497).

It's not easy, struggling with a substance abuse problem, but with the individually tailored help and support you need, your journey doesn't need to be quite as difficultRelevance Behavioral Health in New Jersey offers tailored addiction therapy to state employees and adolescents working to overcome addiction so they can find the success they deserve in their careers and in their personal lives.

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Did you know over 54 million individuals in the US aged 12 and above battled an SUD in 2022? The good news is that addiction is highly treatable. In fact, the latest statistics reveal over 72% of US adults who struggled with an addiction in 2022 say they are now recovering, or in recovery.

You too can find the recovery and wellness you yearn for with help from the clinicians, doctors, and therapists at Relevance Behavioral Health.

Recognizing the unique challenges you face with your substance use disorder (SUD), Relevance Behavioral Health offers holistic, individually tailored addiction therapy programs specifically designed to address your individual needs because effectively combating addiction requires a comprehensive, integrative, and multidisciplinary approach that gets to the root of a very personal, complex and multifaceted issue.

A spokesperson for the treatment center explains:

“Tailored treatment plans can be very effective in helping those struggling with addiction achieve sobriety. This approach acknowledges a client’s uniqueness and strengths, boosting confidence and empowering the client with a sense of ownership and commitment. Our tailored treatment plans are fluid and adaptable, ensuring they meet a client’s changing needs along their journey to recovery.”


Relevance Behavioral Health offers a range of individualized programs. Together, you can embark upon a powerful, meaningful, and transformative journey to health, wellness, and sobriety. Welcome to a new chapter in your life where recovery is possible, and relevance is restored.

The types of substance abuse their programs address include:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Cocaine
  • Benzos, and
  • Xanax


The Partial Care Program at Relevance Behavioral Health is suited to those transitioning from detox or inpatient treatment, providing comprehensive support five days a week. Their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers flexible options for individuals who require clinical support as they reintegrate into society and continue along the path to sustained sobriety.

For adolescents struggling with addiction, Relevance Behavioral Health offers Teen IOP, an after-school program that provides structured, evidence-based treatments and therapeutic activities. Through a multidisciplinary approach that can include trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and practices geared toward improving mental wellness and preventing relapse, the program fosters critical changes in areas like self-esteem, behavioral issues, and family dynamics.

No two people are alike, so no two treatment plans should be alike. With addiction therapy tailored to your specific needs, Relevance Behavioral Health is here to help you understand and overcome your substance abuse disorder according to your personal values, strengths, challenges, and goals.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, put your struggles in the hands of those who understand and are here to help. Learn more about the successful addiction treatment programs at Relevance Behavioral Health by visiting

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