Lighthouse Point Investment Loss Recovery Attorney Offers Free Case Assessment

Mar 20, 2024

If you’re a senior in Lighthouse Point who has received bad investment advice from brokers, don’t hesitate to contact Soreide Law Group (+1-888-760-6552).

Have you lost money because of your investment broker? Bring a claim against your financial professionals through FINRA arbitration with assistance from Soreide Law Group.

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Get a free consultation so you can better understand the viability of your case. This underscores the firm's commitment to ensuring investors like you have access to the legal expertise they need, especially during financially dire times.

The law practice focuses on handling lawsuits related to excessive trading, broker pressure, and over-concentrated portfolios. Recent FINRA arbitrations filed by Soreide Law Group involve senior citizens who were sold GWG L bonds, Oppenheimer PEP, and structured notes, among others.


Securities fraud disproportionately targets seniors and their retirement accounts. According to a recent FBI report, seniors lose over 3 billion dollars to securities fraud each year. This statistic highlights the need for trusted legal representation to uncover unethical practices and bring dishonest financial advisors to justice.


Soreide Law Group specializes in FINRA arbitration, a cost-efficient and fast-tracked alternative to court litigation for resolving securities disputes. The financial compensation awarded is final and the amount does not need to be agreed upon by you and your brokerage. Moreover, arbitration judgments are rarely subject to challenges in court, further streamlining the resolution process. 

As per Attorney Lars Soreide, who heads the firm, his team has recovered investment losses in 9 out of 10 cases.


To enhance access to its services, the practice advances all upfront costs, only charging a fee when your claim is granted by the court. This allows you to focus on your case instead of worrying about legal retainers and other fees.

Attorney Soreide says: “We've seen firsthand the devastating impact securities fraud can have on individuals and families. By expanding our services and offering free initial consultations, we aim to hold perpetrators accountable and help you recover financial losses.”


Soreide Law Group is a leading firm headquartered in Palm Beach Florida. It has received recognition from, Super Lawyers, and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100. In addition to Lighthouse Point, it also services areas such as Miami, Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Tampa, and clients throughout the United States.

With Soreide Law Group, you have an ally in your fight against broker fraud. Get in touch today for a free case review.

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