Connaught, Calgary, AB | Conflict-Free Diamond Rings For The Perfect Proposal

Jan 27, 2022

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers in Connaught, Calgary, AB are ready to help you create the perfect engagement ring, with tons of styles, cuts, and bands to choose from! Call them at (403-252-9048).

Connaught, Calgary, AB | Conflict-Free Diamond Rings For The Perfect Proposal

Ready to propose to your significant other? If so, there is only one place to go for high-quality, conflict-free, lab-grown diamond engagement rings. The professional design consultants at Breslauer & Warren Jewellers near Connaught, Calgary will help you pick out a stunning piece that will make your special day unforgettable.

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This service has been launched as part of Breslauer & Warren Jewellers’ commitment to provide you with top-quality, stylish accessories. Their design assistants can help you select a ring that speaks to your relationship with your soon-to-be spouse, and which tells a powerful story.

This service comes just in time for an important occasion: studies have shown that nearly 10 percent of couples choose Valentine’s day to propose to their significant other. This amounts to six million couples, or three million engagement rings every Valentine’s Day.

With such a big demand, it is important that there are plenty of options available when it comes to the engagement ring. With almost one hundred different designs to pick from and dozens more customization options, Breslauer & Warren have gone above and beyond to make sure that the need is met. Read more here:

Among their many designs, they offer solitaire-style rings which feature one central facet and a simple, elegant band in your choice of rose, white, and yellow gold. They also offer slightly more ornate designs featuring additional stones set around the band, unusual for the style but sure to make a statement nonetheless.

For those looking for a design that will dazzle, the halo-style option is a clear winner. Featuring a large central stone surrounded by a secondary ring of glistening diamonds, these rings will catch the light in even the darkest of rooms.

The most exquisite designs offered by the jewelers come from their fancy collection, which features ornate and unique rings in a number of complex styles. Several of these designs incorporate incredible woven band designs and intricate interlocking structures, sometimes involving multiple colors of gold combined into one stylish work of art.

When it comes to proposals, you only get one shot to make it special. Make sure that you have a ring that matches the occasion!

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers have been providing their masterfully crafted wares to the Canadian people for over 100 years and are not slowing down anytime soon. If you are in Connaught, Calgary and want to schedule a consultation and design appointment, contact them over the phone or on their website.

See more of their designs on their Instagram page, visit to find your perfect ring!

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