Get The Best Lab-Created Diamond Jewelry For Weddings In Calgary, Downtown

Sep 19, 2022

You might be turned off by the idea of mined diamonds – if so, you’re not alone. But lab-grown stones are the same as the “real thing”, plus they are less expensive! Call Breslauer & Warren Jewellers (403-252-9048) to learn more!

Get The Best Lab-Created Diamond Jewelry For Weddings In Calgary, Downtown

Did you know that the first diamond engagement ring - supposedly - was given to Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the 15th century? A rather unromantic tale, as it turns out, as the two had to speak through interpreters - but so began the tradition!

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers, one of the oldest in North America, has expanded its line of conflict-free, lab-grown diamond jewellery as interest has surged in recent years, due in part to their high quality, as well as the stigma associated with mined diamonds.

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The over 100-year-old jewelry company now offers lab-grown diamonds that feature identical chemical compositions, optical properties, and physical properties as mined diamonds, certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Chemical Vapour Disposition - CVD - is used in the production of lab-grown diamonds in order to replicate the circumstances that occur during the formation of a natural diamond.

The shift to lab-grown diamond preferences in the North American market has been dramatic. For example, year-to-year data in the U.S. show that engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds in 2022 have jumped by over 70% compared to the previous year. The reasons for the growing acceptance of lab-grown diamonds include environmental sustainability and the problematic sourcing of mined diamonds: even conflict-free diamonds might come from areas with a history of human rights violations, and poor working conditions - all factors that increasingly repel today’s consumers. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are 30-40% more affordable.

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers offers wedding rings, anniversary rings, and diamond engagement rings from halo to oval, multi-stone, and custom-made. For example, their Solitaire Ring typically has a plain band and a single center diamond devoid of any accent stones. Three-stone rings traditionally signify the past, present, and future of the couple, while halo rings feature a focal stone surrounded by diamonds to produce a halo appearance.

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The Calgary jeweler also produces custom-made engagement rings with the assistance of a dedicated studio in New York. Based on your ideas or photos - or consultations with Breslauer & Warren staff, the company can create a one-off piece within two to three weeks. Options include lab-grown diamonds versus naturally mined diamonds; oval cut versus princess cut, and additional stones, such as emeralds and rubies.

One satisfied client last week commented: “Second time shopping here. Always a pleasure. Prices are fair, value is great. Custom pieces to fit your needs are quick. They are quick, to the point and easy to trust. Thank you Petroula & Richard.”

You can't really go wrong with Breslauer & Warren. Yes, it's an institution, but a friendly, no-pressure environment is just what you want when you're shopping, isn't it?!

Go to and see for yourself the wide selection of rings and bracelets on offer - and the remarkable history of Calgary's favourite jeweller!

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