Meet New Friends At Pub Crawls On Toronto King Street West With This Social App

Apr 14, 2024

For a college experience you will never forget, you need OOt Social. The new interactive students’ social map app will put the city of Toronto at your fingertips.

Meet New Friends At Pub Crawls On Toronto King Street West With This Social App

Make this year count with OOt Social. The new social map app is here to show you the best college venues in Toronto and to help you make the kind of friends that will last a lifetime.

OOt Social knows that in a post-Covid world, after spending years communicating online, your in-person social skills might be a little rusty. Moreover, with universities like the University of Toronto (UofT) having swapped to a distanced teaching model for the past couple of years, many students in Toronto like yourself have yet to have the full social college experience. That’s why it is their mission to bring the city to life for you, whether you are a freshman, an international student, or just a student who is still yet to connect to the city.

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The beta phase of OOt Social will be launching in August, just in time for your return to the city after your summer vacation, or for your first arrival.

Whether you study at UofT, Ryerson University, TMU or George Brown College, the innovative social map app has been designed to put the city of Toronto at your fingertips.

If you’re hoping that the 2022/23 academic year will be your most memorable and sociable one yet, OOt Social is perfect for you. The app is host to daily local events and meetups, like pub crawls in Toronto’s trendy King Street West district.

OOt Social will also help you to meet new friends by connecting you with like-minded interest groups in the city and showing you exactly when and where they hang out. Whether you are into staying in and chatting about the silver screen or putting on your dancing shoes and going out, there are more than 80 community groups that you can join through the app.

The interactive live map app also understands that student life is about making the most of a limited budget. That’s why you will also be offered exclusive deals at popular college venues.

A spokesperson for the app’s developers said, “With OOt, we make finding the best deals and events easier than ever. Because your time and money are important. Experience your city, meet new friends and save on social spending with OOt.”

If you want your college years in Toronto to be some of the best of your life, you need OOt Social.

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