Brand New Renegade 928 Porsche Film The Midnight Rider Premiers With a Bang!

Apr 14, 2024

A Porsche lifestyle film, starring its vaunted Porsche 928 and Maverick Miles Nehemiah.
THE MIDNIGHT RIDER, film trailer debuts July 6th, 2021, and is available at:
its targeted audience is fans of the Porsche 928, Porsche 911, Porsche 930, Porsche 924, Porsche 944 and the Porsche lifestyle.

Meet Maverick Miles Nehemiah, he is the focal point of the brand new documentary film The Midnight Rider. It is an inspiring story of late-night adventure, perseverance, personal redemption, and driving tranquility. Maverick has launched his brand new film trailer, "THE MIDNIGHT RIDER", and the film trailer is set to go live at 12 noon PST on July 6th, 2021.

The trailer is available now at: and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the Porsche, Porsche 928. Porsche Lifestyle Brand, Vintage Porsche Restoration, and the collector car world.

Maverick who is the original Porsche 928 Renegade / (true life) Outlaw, Midnight driver, automotive customizer, auto designer-slash-Porsche 928 aficionado, and Collector, has announced his latest collaboration with heralded Film Director Armen Tahanian, who helmed the upcoming release of the Porsche lifestyle film.

Maverick is the founder of the Automotive Brand HARTE - Zieten (German for "HARD - Times) and CPR & R (Classic Porsche Rescue & Restoration) which is a high-end Porsche 928, 944, and 924 Turbo restoration consortium.

The renowned car collector is well known for his exclusive love for these classic models launched by Porsche from 1978 to 1995 and his amazing creative skills that have helped him bag numerous Regional and National awards with Porsche Club of America. The Documentary film will be produced by Falcon Media Solutions and Setec Astronomy Productions.

‘The Midnight Rider’ is sure to be a fascinating and interesting film. The upcoming Documentary also features some compelling interviews from other legendary Porsche luminaries such as 3 time Manhattan Trophy winner (Porsche Club of America's highest honor) Joe DeMeo, SoCal Porsche 911 genius Winford "Winn" Reece, and other iconic Los Angeles Artisans and collaborators such as L.A. / Pasadena based Artist, Charli Seeley, and VW / Porsche Guru, Jedidiah Baker; both who have worked extensively with Maverick; and have been interviewed to give their unique insights on the Porsche man they call Maverick.

Maverick does touch on some of the most defining moments of his Porsche life, including the formation of his brainchild, HARTE - Zieten (German for "Hard - Times"). As well as CPR & R (Classic Porsche Rescue & Restoration) which is a high-end Porsche 928, 944 and 924 Turbo restoration consortium. Maverick began his love of the Porsche and its culture quite literally within the Porsche dealership as a young Car Porter, for Brumos Porsche / Audi.

Peter Greg, a legendary Porsche racer who was a military friend and colleague of Maverick's father, hired him to work after school and on weekends at the famed Brumos Porsche / Audi Dealership in Atlanta Georgia. Maverick's long foundational connection with Porsche and his groundbreaking customized designs has allowed growth for his passion for the Porsche 928, automotive-style, and Porsche spirit to fully blossom into a great scholarship on the Porsche 928 subject.

More information on the Documentary film can be found here: The film was produced with the aim in mind to show the fascinating Porsche lifestyle of Maverick Miles Nehemiah AKA "The Midnight Rider".

There's particular interest in this launch because there is a ton of much-anticipated excitement around the release of The Midnight Rider Documentary during the Monterey Car Week held in Monterey / Carmel, California. Not to even mention the secretive and private nature of the man who is a natural enigma wrapped up inside of a mystery. THE MIDNIGHT RIDER sets its main focus on the Porsche 928 and the SoCal Porsche culture and lifestyle. Viewers will likely find IT of great interest and enjoy the passion in which Maverick champions the values virtues and automotive achievements of the iconic Porsche 928. The Film's Poster was created by the remarkable UK Digital Artist Michael Gambriel.

"I have an expert background in Porsche artifact collecting, restoring, and cross country driving the Porsche 928." This helped shaped the creation of the film Maverick's extensive background research and development of the project and expanded the documentary deeper into the SoCal Porsche sub-culture of Midnight driving in L.A.'s massive freeway/highway systems.

When asked about why they produced and shot the film at night, MAVERICK said: "I wanted to show this unique (underground) perspective of the Southern California Porsche driving passion and peel back the layers of this complex passionate Porsche onion."

I have hope that the film will reach and inspire others to actually live out their dreams and take their hopes and aspirations to the next level of making the "dream" a way of life as he has done. This positive outlook from the Producer and Director is certainly a testament to their optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point The biggest challenge the film production faced was the Covid-19 / Corona Virus Pandemic shutdown. That was one of the most devastating setbacks to the entire scope of the film project. It nearly derailed the entire project after 8 months of shutdowns and delays from the mandated California Shutdown Order.

In a recent interview, Maverick made a point of thanking all who help see this challenging production to its completion. "There are so many people who have believed in me and supported me over the years that helped me get to this astonishing film accomplishment. Far too many to list here now... But I must give a very special shout-out to these phenomenal creative GIANTS! The Midnight Rider was brilliantly Directed By: ARMEN TAHANIAN, Stylized and technically massaged and Edited By: SEBASTIAN DOUGHTY, And our cool vibe Music was produced and recorded By: ALF ALPHA."

And for their patron role in support of the creation of THE MIDNIGHT RIDER, "I'd like to send a very special shout out and thanks to my Biographer, Retired LAPD Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey. The powerful Author encouraged me every step of the way to unapologetically tell my story and speak truth to power. Thanks so much, Sgt. Dorsey, for your belief in me."

Those interested in learning more about the film "The Midnight Rider" can visit the Trailer here:

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