Meet Maverick aka The Porsche 928 Renegade & Midnight Rider.

Jun 8, 2020

An upcoming Porsche lifestyle Documentary film about legendary Counterfeiter and Porsche 928 Renegade Maverick Miles titled “The Midnight Rider…To Live and Drive In L.A.” is slated to be released in the Fall of 2020 after film production delays from the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic halted production. More information on the article can be found at has released a potentially controversial article...

"Meet Maverick, King of Confidence, the Greatest Counterfeiter of All Times!" Bringing some cause for concern, as the article may upset people who love to see individuals stay stuck in their pigeon hole struggles and never succeed in life.

The article is approximately 1000 words long and 4 minutes in length. As the article examines the high and low points of how Maverick became the greatest Counterfeiter of all times and went on to become one of the leading authorities on the Porsche 928 and driving a Porsche as a way of life...

A true Porsche and American Renegade, in the pursuit of proving that no matter what turns your life may take as long as you have passion for your creativity and your Art you can survive, overcome, live well and prosper.

Maverick as long been a Porsche Collector, Customizer and Classic Car Enthusiast and the article brings necessary awareness of his life, struggles, and his successes in building his Brand and the long hard road and work ethic that he has put into achieving some very accomplished goals at the National and International Porsche levels.

Surely though, a certain element of the article is set to spark discontent among Haters, Trolls, Jealous People, Porsche Snobs etc...

Below is a portion of the piece, which neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

Today we’d like to introduce you to Maverick Miles... King of Confidence:

The Legendary Untold Story of the Greatest Counterfeiter & Confidence Man of All Time.

For five full years, legendary Confidence man Maverick Miles and his team were able to walk boldly into American banks across the country and pull off one of the greatest scheme in U.S. counterfeiting history.

Under the guise of your average wealthy man spending a typical afternoon simply cashing in his bonds, Maverick was able to walk into banks across the country and, minutes later, walk out with thousands of dollars in cash that wasn’t his. On some days his team’s take would run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He did this for five years, gathering a team, amassing a small fortune and living an extreme lifestyle of freedom and abundance. And he did it without violence, without threats, and without ever being caught.

Armed with little more than a charming smile, a quick wit and an ample amount of confidence, he was able to pass more than $20 million in counterfeit US Savings Bonds indirect “hand-to-hand” transactions with bank tellers.

U.S. Secret Service men would later name Maverick the #1 Counterfeiter and Confidence Man in the Country.

A spokesperson for, Winford Reece, says...

"Of course never sets out to intentionally upset anybody.

The aim of our article is first and foremost to raise awareness of a one of a kind, very rare and unique man who did a conceptually unthinkable kind of crime that had never been executed much less thought of before and there is real brilliance and genius in that.

His counterfeit US Savings Bonds "stunt" didn't steal from hard working citizens, individuals, businesses of even the Banks (per se). The real halcyon aspect of the crime and the way Maverick's mind worked to even conceptualize such a "score" of that magnitude was to calculate a way to get the money directly from the United States of America.

And that's no small time feat to say the least and it surely ranks Maverick, as one of if not the Greatest Counterfeiter of All Times at doing the: "Catch Me If You Can" caper and way of life.

Of course Maverick paid the price for his crimes. Turned himself in the the Feds, resurrected and reinvented himself through his passion for Porsche and his highly artistic abilities to create a business, lifestyle and a way of life for himself.

We understand that there will be people who will be shocked by the article as Maverick has always been a very private man who waited some 30 years to open up about these historical chapters of his life. But we strongly feel that the time is now right for his story to be told and it is critical, however, that we stay dedicated to our true voice of motivation and inspiration against all odds.

Although our "Meet Maverick, King of Confidence, and the Greatest Counterfeiter of All Times!..." article might unsettle some people who love to see the Human spirit stay stuck, pigeon holed and never succeed in life or in business. Our duty is to our followers and readers we believe is more important to tell the true (UNTOLD) story and make the audience more aware of this unique Renaissance man and his endeavor (s) to persevere over the life long journey in overcoming all the obstacles and life's challenges. Living out an adventurous independent life, rather than to try and please everyone. Which is notoriously difficult if not impossible to do."

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as the article is elevating a retired former Criminal to a lofty and well deserved "Greatest of All Time Championship" status perch.

We are well aware that very few want to let a former criminal receive high praise for the ingenuity and sophisticated mastery of skills for crimes they committed even if they are uniquely noteworthy.

Conversely, Maverick first caught the Porsche bug on a road trip to Key West Florida when a red 930 Turbo zipped by and his Dad ID'ed the car and told his young son...

"That's a Porsche son when you make a lot of money you can get one of those." 

Fast forward a few years later with Maverick as a teenaged boy had started working for legendary Porsche racer Peter Gregg at the famed Brumos Porsche + Audi in Atlanta Georgia, Gregg personally hired Maverick as a car porter to work at the famed legendary Porsche dealership as an after school job. Maverick instantly fell in love with the new Porsche flagship but a 928 seemed completely out of reach and unattainable at the time. Today he has owned one of the world’s most remarkable 928 and transaxle Porsche collections on the planet. 

His upcoming Documentary film, The Midnight Rider... To Live and Drive In L.A., is slated to be released in the Fall of 2020 with production being halted by the COVID-19/Corona-virus pandemic.

It's not a mistake that Maverick has a very laid back but nuanced personal style. That’s not because he’d put any focus in the study of his appearance. No, the overalls wearing urban modern Cowboy, sports high-end alligator cowboy boots, cool Rolex or Alain Silberstein wristwatches and his ever-present stylish array of sunglasses that are all the by-products of life in the independant lane. 

His wry attitude toward the superficiality and standard norms are written all over his face. Or more frankly as he puts it, “If you're a man spending too much time looking in the mirror (or the rear view mirror) then you're probably actually not that much of a man at all.”

Maverick has worn multiple hats in various careers that as an autodidact taught himself the professions of Art Director, Designer, Porsche Collector, automobile enthusiast—and owner of one of the world’s most fascinating collections of Porsche 928's, 944's and 924 Turbos, housed in an aircraft Hangar/Loft/Studio on an Airstrip  (and an undisclosed warehouse) in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County. 

How he took flight from the southern part of the United States from Texas and Georgia to the allure of Hollywood in southern California is revealed in his upcoming Documentary Film, The Midnight Rider... To Live and Drive in L.A. The film exudes the same principles that have run through his life—always moving forward is of the ethos of life! 

Maverick’s film also shows its viewers his unique method of how to find Fahrvergnügen (after midnight) and elevate their passion for driving to an art form. 

The first mandate of The Midnight Rider is the following: “Driving is an art. You don't necessarily have to have a destination to experience the joy of driving.”

When Maverick speaks of his first encounter with a Porsche 928, his Southern accent becomes much more pronounced, his voice deepens and his excitement is hard to contain. As a teenager he and his dad took a Father and son road trip to the 24 Hours of Daytona in Daytona Beach Florida.—where he promptly fell in love with a 928 it was silver with a stunning red interior. “It was instant love at first sight! I knew that the 928 (dream car) was going to be an essential element of my life.” 

In the rural South, vehicles tended to be Pick up trucks, old cars, and other blue collar-related big rigs. “You’d never see Porsche down there,” he says. As a kid, watching television, he became amplified with Motorsports, watching racing on ABC's Wide World of Sports with his dad and cheering on Peter Gregg to victory. 

“I was gobsmacked that grown men actually made a living racing,” he says. "I couldn't wait to get behind the wheel and start driving!" Maverick got his driver’s license at an early age of fourteen, on a special rural learners exemption (as long as an adult was in the car). 

Eight years later he bought his first Porsche 928 for 54,777 dollars—"a seminal moment of personal achievement that still registers through my life to this very day." he says.

It’s fascinating to explore some of the keys to Maverick’s extraordinary life in his childhood—in the deep South. He was an excellent and clever student and an even better athlete even making it all the down to the "last cut" in the NFL with two teams the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Oilers.

After going back to College for an advanced studies in California, motivated by his will to make his dreams come true.

"The Los Angeles culture has a profound impact on me...the thought of returning to the South as a failure was unbearable.” He began by shooting freelance fashion photography and videos in Hollywood, building a network of Models and aspiring Actors which led to him being signed under contract to Image Entertainment as a Writer, Producer, Director and shooting and Directing videos for Playboy TV and Penthouse magazines. From there entering into the mainstream film production business where he specialized in DVD Film production and Post Production Supervision. 

The second mandate of The Midnight Rider is: 

“I've learned that if you give everything that you have to life, life will give everything that it has to you."

It is precisely that maxim that drives Maverick’s passion as a Porsche collector. Over the years, his first 928 has been joined by several more, for a total of over 100, he guesses that he's hunted down, owned, restored, flipped, sold and curated for his Maverick Collection. Most of them were found in rough and rugged conditions, on the brink of being parted out for their valuable parts. With his typical blend of precision and sophomoric free spirited style, he turns them into fantastic unique one-of-a-kind iconic Porsche cars. Each one of them a unique body of rolling art to make his teen aged dreams of a Porsche 928 complete. 

These Porsche cars are no "Trailer Queens", mind you. On the contrary. Maverick has no reservations about driving them and taking them out on midnight cruises or what he likes to call, "going out on patrol" all over the SoCal South land. 

“The Porsche 928 needs to be driven,” he details—that is the best thing that you can do for these classic and what I like to call "modern vintage Porsche Transaxle cars." 

Maverick’s passion for Porsche 928 collecting is also an examination of his complex mind and his need of expression and his curiosity and thirst for knowledge. 

“I come to understand the entire evolution of the 928. Having had so many of them over the years and experienced every stage of the 928's development from 1978 to 1995 I've owned every year they were in Production,” he says. 

One of Maverick's bespoke 928 creations recently, was bought for more than two hundred thousand dollars by a legendary Porsche collector from Dubai UAE, where Maverick enjoys a robust and loyal following of his creative Porsche 928 work. 

The third mandate of The Midnight Rider is: 

“Don't let anyone call shots on your future...”

“If you don’t get hung up on the way things have been in the past, you can liberate yourself artistically to create your desired future that is filled with a universe of options and possibilities.”

Maverick, the renegade, a young spirited middle aged man...

His rugged 6 foot 3 Footballer frame is still evident as is his zest for life. After all these years of hard charging he now takes time to "relax and reflect" and take inventory. He’s been going through a “period of continued transition and reflection,” words that seem measured coming from his dynamic MOR late night radio DJ voice but those words do carry a serious gravity. 

A few years ago his Fiancee was killed by a drunk driver. That tragic and untimely death put him on a quest for new purposes and horizons in life. 

He knows clearly what he doesn’t want...

a golf club membership, vacation cruises, time share seminars...

none of the usual interests of successful men his age have any attraction or validation for him.

“When I was a young boy, at the age seven, my dear mother told me that the fact of me being born on New Years Day, that I was born for good luck and that I could make my own rules as long as I could master the game of life first,” he remarks. “And I've never forgotten that.” 

The most essential mandate of the Midnight Rider: 

“Don't be afraid to examine the rules, they are ready to be stretched and expanded to include you and anything that you wish to do.”

He spends more time and hangs out more often at his Hangar/Loft continuing its renovation and staying closely connected to his company...and even closer to his team of employees. “My goal now is to help each one of them fulfill their highest potential and reach their life goals. Instead, of kicking back and taking it easy,” he says. 

He spent the past winter taking a cross country road trip to Miami in one of his 928's and then on to Virgin Gorda BVI for a couple of weeks of sun and surf and much needed R & R. Then returning back to the states and driving from Miami on to Park City Utah and ensconcing himself at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. 

Driving, driving, driving—a Porsche 928 S4 on the open roads across America. “Is such a visceral experience of freedom and enjoyment. The joy of the open road is a REAL sanctuary for me.” That being said, he did test the car’s legendary GT acceleration powers from time to time—which gave him moments enraptured bliss. While he would visit with friends and family along the way road tripping, he could still feel the vibration of the road coursing through his veins and enlivening every cell in his body. Those are the experiences that continue to drive him forward, and that’s why he wants to keep driving and keep on rolling in his one of his Porsche 928's. 

“The most compelling question of all for me is where to go next.” Maverick already knows wherever he's going it's gonna be in a Porsche 928 on the open roads of America—and beyond. has been a provider of in depth articles in the Los Angeles and California Inspirational, Motivational, Personal Redemption, and Lifestyle market for several years. has stated the future aims for the website are to further elevate our grasp and scholarship as the foremost authority and brain trust on the Porsche 928 in the world. hopes any controversy will pass quickly and re-emphasizes no offence is or was intended. complete article can be found at

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