Ensure Call Center TCPA Compliance With This AI-Enabled Lead Engagement Suite

May 7, 2024

While there’s been a lot of talk of the problems of unregulated AI in business, it’s rarely acknowledged that automating customer services can actually improve compliance issues. Build trust with your existing and prospective customers with Bigly Sales’ FCC-approved AI platform.

It's hard managing call center teams – keeping tabs on agent performance and trying to monitor compliance issues. Have you considered making the switch to AI? Wondering how it could benefit your business?

Bigly Sales gives you the lowdown on TCPA guidelines and offers you a ready-made AI platform so you can operate in confidence, reduce your wage bill, and scale your business with ease. More details at https://biglysales.com/

Plug into Bigly's expertise in the realm of AI implementation. The company is committed to helping startups, sole traders, and entrepreneurs like you make the most out of this emerging technology. Bigly's AI platform utilizes the power of machine learning for all aspects of commercial operations from email and voice calls to scheduling and website building.

Data Responsibility

The TCPA guidelines state that any outbound telemarketing calls or SMS communications must be prefaced by explicit consent from the recipient with full disclosures necessary for both purposes of the call and the management of any data thereafter.

Legally sound opt-in, consent, and disclosure language must be used, making your customers aware of their right to withhold permission for sales communications and the use of private data for analytics.

Failure to meet the guidelines could mean you having to pay heavy fines and penalties.

Bigly outlines some of the key technologies that are helping small businesses stay compliant with TCPA regulations. Media Lifecycle Management, for example, helps you categorize and archive data as efficiently as possible while automated pause-and-resume systems prevent pieces of particularly sensitive information from being recorded and stored. Role-based Access Control also helps to limit the number of people who can view private customer data.

According to Bigly, utilizing AI solutions could save your business as much as 80% on the costs of running a traditional operation, reducing the need for human resources while improving wait times and accuracy for customer support issues. By ensuring that all AI-driven services meet TCPA regulations, you can also build credibility and brand trust, increasing the likelihood of referrals.

Need A Compliant AI Suite?

Bigly's platform and the services it offers are checked and approved by FCC and FTC-recognized lawyers, ensuring that AI practices are meeting the TCPA stipulations.

A spokesperson says, “Our cutting-edge AI technology is designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Specifically crafted for small businesses, our solutions fit your unique needs and budget.”

Make the science of compliance effortless with Bigly AI!

For more information, go to https://biglysales.com/

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