Mastering Customer Engagement With AI Adoption In Small Business Contact Centers

May 17, 2024

AI is becoming an essential tool for small business who want to compete with the major players. Find out why by reading Bigly Sales’ latest guide to AI adoption in call centers!

Are you considering making more use of AI to improve your call center? Wondering what kind of benefits you can expect?

Check out Bigly Sales, Inc.'s new guide that explores the success of AI implementation in call centers for a series of US businesses:

Adoption & Automation

The article points to the growing rate of AI adoption across the call center sector, highlighting the operational advantages that the technology offers you including the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as call routing and appointment scheduling. Bigly's latest guide also discusses how AI can enhance your customer experience while reducing the burden on human resources.

How Can AI Help?

Bigly identifies five key areas in which AI is improving call center provision.

  • The technology provides a simple way to implement performance monitoring and quality assurance, ensuring consistency and compliance across your entire organization.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) systems are engaging callers with human-like interactions;
  • predictive analytics, intelligent routing, and chatbots are helping to resolve inquiries more swiftly and often without the need for any human intervention.

MoneySolver Success

The guide explores how AI has helped the financial services company MoneySolver improve its call center operations. The use of call analysis has given instant feedback to call center agents to ensure consistency and compliance in all customer interactions while response and resolution rates have improved to drive greater client satisfaction. MoneySolver has seen close rates double and a 30% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) thanks to call attribution tracking.

Windfall For Windstream Holdings

The article also looks at Windstream Holdings – a telecoms company based in Little Rock, Arkansas that turned to AI to integrate its call center sales and marketing efforts. By using automated call recording and conversational intelligence technology, the company was able to tie ad campaigns to phone sales for greater marketing efficacy.

The guide explains how this resulted in Windstream seeing a 16% reduction in cost-per-acquisition and passing its subscriber target within 10 months. AI-driven analytics also provided insights into customer behavior so the team could optimize its future marketing strategies.

The piece states, “By leveraging AI-powered platforms, companies across various industries have witnessed remarkable improvements in call handling efficiency, sales effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Automated processes and real-time insights enable agents to deliver personalized assistance, drive sales conversions, and ensure consistency in service delivery.”

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