Book This Miami Mobile Dog Grooming Service With Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Feb 28, 2023

Do you wish you had time to take your dog to the groomer more often? With The Barking Lounge mobile dog grooming service in Miami (786-282-4212), the dog spa comes to you!

Book This Miami Mobile Dog Grooming Service With Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Ever notice how happy your dog is after a nice shampoo? It's like they've shed a layer of accumulated grime that was driving them mutts, and they've gotta celebrate with a few rounds of the zoomies because hot dog! There's no way they can put it in bark now!

Even older dogs love a good wash and a stylish blowout. Makes them feel young again, and ready for the pup-arazzi, or their own cover feature in Vanity Fur.

If you wish you could take your dog to the groomers more often but you're limited by re-tail based schedules that never match your schedule, or you can't stand battling all that ruff Miami traffic, now you can treat your pup to a paw-some spa experience right at your very own doorstep.

Ready to raise the woof?

This is where The Barking Lounge comes in.

The Barking Lounge is a pup-ular mobile dog grooming service founded by groomers who love what they do as much as their canine customers love what they do. And they're ready to roll out the minute they get the call.

Serving the Miami-Dade and Broward areas for years, The Barking Lounge is highly experienced with every size, breed, and dog disposition. Rest assured your pup's grooming sessions will include products and services specially "tail-ored" to deliver the pawsh, spa-like experience they deserve without leaving the comforts of bone.

Learn more about The Barking Lounge and book now at

Did you know The American Kennel Club recommends dogs be groomed every 4 - 6 weeks as a general rule? That's a lot of driving. Take a much-needed break and contact the professionals at The Barking Lounge. You'll save on gas while also getting the peace of mind you need, knowing your buddy is being lathered and groomed and cared for by people who love dogs and are all about that pug life.

Seriously, your pup holds the cor-key to their hearts.

And if your dog is getting on in years, or has allergies or certain sensitivities, you can't do better than the Barking Lounge crew, dog-gone it.

It's a paw-ty for everyone; there's never just one Weiner and your dog will be fur-ever grateful.

While The Barking Lounge services are customized to accommodate every canine client, you also benefit because, as a mobile service their location is whatever you want it to be. Whether that's your home, your office, the park or the beach, they are ready to roll. Not too shaggy!

Say goodbye to congested Miami traffic bark-woof-it, and having to wait one or two hours while your pup is being groomed only to turn around and battle all that return traffic. Simply Collie The Barking Lounge team, and lab-ra-cadabra, you'll be relaxing with a soda pup while your dog is being primped, pampered, and snoop dog deluxed.

The Barking Lounge grooming services include shampoo, nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary cleaning, rounding the paws and gland expression. Add-on services include de-matting, de-shedding, flea and tick treatments, teeth brushing, and deep dental cleaning. You can choose from a standard wash, the Barking wash, and the Barking Grooming Experience.

A Barking Lounge client says, “The Barking Lounge is nothing but professional and took such good care of my pets. One of my dogs has allergies and she got a medicated bath that she really enjoyed. They definitely have a loyal customer in me, and I recommend them to everyone.”

Are you ready to treat your best buddy to the most incredible spa session paw-sible? Learn more at

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