Best Family Lawyer For Divorce-Related Alimony And Asset Division Now In Ames

Jul 19, 2023

If you live in Ames and need a Family Lawyer, call Jennifer Frese Attorney at Law (641-328-5234). Ms. Frese, with an office in Marshalltown, also offers additional expertise in criminal law and federal defense.

A good lawyer knows how to fight. But they also know WHEN to fight.

Ms. Frese brings her ‘solutions first, court next’ philosophy of family law to Ames. The attorney is known for her deep expertise in family dynamics and her ability to mediate solutions.

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Recognizing the importance of establishing a strong personal connection between a client and an attorney, Jennifer Frese now wants to help Ames couples who are in the midst of a divorce to negotiate and resolve issues such as the division of assets, child custody, and other key details.

According to a recent article in the Gazette, divorce rates are up in Iowa compared to marriages. The article quoted Susan Stewart, a sociologist from Iowa State University, who observed that divorce rates are high across the entire country and are unlikely to abate.

If you are finding yourself in the difficult but not uncommon situation of needing help from a divorce attorney in Ames, you can now contact Ms. Frese for an in-person consultation.

As a family law attorney, Jennifer Frese believes in keeping conflict at a minimum and working to negotiate an outcome that will be beneficial to you. In the event a resolution cannot be reached between parties amicably, Ms. Frese offers her many years of courtroom and trial experience at your disposal.

A Marshalltown native, Ms. Frese has worked previously as a prosecutor for the Webster County Attorney Office in Fort Dodge, Iowa. During her time there, she prosecuted over twenty jury trials of both felonies and misdemeanors and handled over forty contested cases involving children and custody. After starting her private practice in 2012, Ms. Frese has specialized in criminal law, family law, and social security law. She handles all family law issues involving child support, divorces, child custody, termination of parental rights, adoption, modification, and contempt. For more details, please visit the link above.

About her work as a family lawyer, Ms. Frese said: “Most people don’t come see me because life is going great. Sometimes children are involved. Relationships are complicated and there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution. I offer a no-cost initial consultation so that we can talk through what is going on. You will walk out of my office with your questions answered and a better idea of what the process looks like. That way you can make an informed decision about your next step.”

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