Trusted Grinnell Federal Defense Attorney Takes RICO & Tax Fraud Cases

Mar 28, 2024

A federal offense can be a truly life-altering sentence. Jennifer Frese Attorney at Law (641-328-5234) in Grinnell has the experience, technical know-how, and personal investment you need to win your case and take the weight off your shoulders.

Being charged with a federal offense is stressful enough, but paying exorbitant prices to work with a subpar or inexperienced lawyer can make matters even worse, especially with such high stakes.

Jennifer Frese is a highly experienced federal defense lawyer with a thorough understanding of federal sentencing guidelines who is ready to go to bat for YOU.

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Federal Sentencing

Jennifer Frese offers support for Grinnell residents with drug conspiracy indictments, and a wide range of federal charges such as tax fraud, money laundering, illegal firearm possession, and more.

The maximum sentence for a drug conspiracy conviction can range up to life in prison, and other federal convictions carry hefty prison terms as well.

With the high stakes that usually accompany federal charges, partnering with a federal defense attorney who thoroughly understands the most up-to-date and complicated federal sentencing guidelines can be imperative to a positive trial outcome. 

Jennifer Frese served with Kaplan and Frese, LLP in Marshalltown for years as a federal defense attorney, which means she has both the real-world and the technical know-how you need.

Every Case Is Personal

Jennifer Frese is guided by compassion and dogged determination. She says, "An attorney is a compassionate yet professional witness to your experience."

Working with a federal defense attorney who is fully invested on a personal level can not only help you obtain the desired outcome but can also minimize your stress through the process. As Jennifer Frese explains, "Connection is the human experience and that’s a huge reason why I am a trial attorney. I love to hear your story."

As with all trials, the jury plays a critical role in deciding the outcome of a federal case. Defense attorneys are the primary line of communication with the jury, ensuring they fully understand your experience, perspective, and situation.

Jennifer Frese prioritizes human connection in every single case. "One way we connect with juries is because we connect with people every day," she explains. "I’m the everyday person’s lawyer. And it makes me relatable and trustworthy."

If you're facing a federal charge, you can schedule a FREE consultation with Jennifer Frese today and meet her in person to see if it's a good fit. 

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About Jennifer Frese Attorney at Law

Born and raised in Marshalltown, Iowa, Jennifer Frese received her law degree in Chicago, worked as a prosecutor in Fort Dodge, and served as a federal defense attorney at Kaplan and Frese. Now, as a solo practitioner, she is dedicated to providing creative, solution-based problem-solving for each of her client's unique cases. Jennifer Frese believes the client-attorney relationship is one built on trust, honesty, personal connection, and compassion.

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