Armonk, NY Legal Practice Specializes In Helping Businesses File For Bankruptcy

Jan 4, 2022

If your Armonk business needs to file for bankruptcy, Jafri Law Firm (1-800-593-7491) can offer the legal expertise that can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Armonk, NY Legal Practice Specializes In Helping Businesses File For Bankruptcy

Bad times happen to good businesses. And if you find yourself burdened by seemingly insurmountable loans, the future can seem very bleak. Don’t fret, though — Jafri Law Firm has revamped its bankruptcy filing service to offer you a lifeline.

The practice has expanded its expertise to cover all types of bankruptcies. Through this offering, you have a better chance of keeping your business afloat while managing your debt more effectively.

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This offering is especially ideal if your venture suffered because of the current pandemic. With the law firm’s guidance, you can reduce your debt load or get more favorable payment terms. 

The current pandemic is a once-in-a-decade event that has caused major difficulty to the business sector. As people tightened their belts, you likely saw your sales dwindle and your debts balloon. 

However, filing for bankruptcy gives your business a second lease on life. Jafri Law Firm consults closely with you to understand your circumstances, then recommends the bankruptcy type that best applies to you.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to liquidate your assets, with most of your debts being discharged after proceeds are distributed. Jafri Law Firm will assist you with the means test, which determines which of your assets are exempted or not from liquidation. 

Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy, on the other hand, entails restructuring your loans and promising to repay them in regular tranches. Your personal assets will not be sold, since your business is treated as a separate entity from you, the owner.

To help you better understand your bankruptcy options, the legal expert offers a no-risk, no-obligation consultation. To book a session, you simply need to phone the office or use the online booking form on the website. 

Jafri Law Firm has a simple mission: to make legal service attainable and affordable for all. In addition to bankruptcy proceedings, its other practice areas include family, employment, and antitrust law. For the firm’s excellent service, it has received a Client’s Choice Award for 2020 from the review platform AVVO. 

A spokesperson says: “Jafri Law Firm will take on complex litigation for individuals and companies. We never shy away from a new problem or challenge. We are client-focused and client-centric.”

Debt is no small matter, especially if it’s saddling your business. Get the relief you need by hiring Jafri Law Firm. With its help, you can start again and chart a new journey to success.

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