11 Little Habits That Will Actually Make You More Productive (Gifs)


What are the things that you observe when you want to be more productive? Do you exercise on regular basis to give change to your brain to forget for a while all approaching task deadlines and projects?

Do you read inspirations books? How do you schedule your daily work?

Here are some tips on enhancing productivity at work.

1.Choose your technology wisely. If you do not learn to control your technology, it will start controlling you.

2.Follow the 80/20 rule: learn which activities drive the greatest results.


3.Process your e-mails only a few times a day quickly and efficiently.


4.Observe your reactions and find out what makes you motivated? Is it inspirational books, chocolate, awards?


5.Do lots of sports, take breaks often (to rest your eyes and brain).


6.Use task management tools to free your mind and control your daily routine.


7.Listen what others suggest you, do only if you think its productive, else follow the person blindly you see in the mirror when you stand in front of it!


8.Before you leave work, spend the last 10 minutes of your day planning for tomorrow.


9.Learn to uni-task: focus on only one thing by scheduling to work on difficult tasks earlier in the day.


10.Fuel your brain, go nuts. That will benefit not only your brain but also become a prerequisite to your overall performance.


Bonus Tip: 11.Playing some music can significantly improve our motor and reasoning skills, which basically means more work done, in a more effective way.


How do you keep yourself productive, let us know in the comments below.