10 Pictures of UFO Encounters from 2017 That Will Make You Consider the Existence of Aliens


Do you believe in aliens? A survey by the National Geographic Society in 2012 revealed 36% of people in America think that UFOs exist.

Perhaps this number has skyrocketed during the recent years as more and more people discuss and subscribe to ideas of government conspiracies and unidentified flying objects, aliens, abductions…

For those fans of and enthusiasts who look for a proof that aliens exist, we have gathered some of the most recent pictures of UFOs.

We like looking at the pictures, but will seriously mind seeing any of those objects in our backyards.

1.Mysterious object from a NASA launch footage

2.An alien spacecraft? over US Navy base in California

3.Spectacular glowing UFO in Northern Siberia 

4.UFO hovering over Indonesia Highway

5.UFO spotted in Chicago, IL

6.Unidentified lights over Rochester, NY

7.UFO sighting in Phoenix, Arizona

8.UFO flies above Cornwall 

9.Black-ring UFO over West Yorkshire

10. Flashing UFOs in the sky over France, China and Australia